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Holiday Marketing Campaigns: Five Proven Strategies

Holiday marketing campaigns

What strategies do you employ for holiday marketing? Many small businesses engage in “generic” marketing, doing the same thing everyone else is doing; and while that type of marketing isn't bad (it's why your competitors do it, after all), it stands to be said that a bit of creativity can help you leapfrog your competitors and have the most profitable holiday season ever.

1. Creative design

A creative design that commands customer attention is the first step to achieving a powerful holiday marketing campaign that yields excellent profits. Your designer can employ humor, oddity, sentiment, fear, joy or any other type of emotion or feeling that gets a response from your target customer base.

2. Amazing offer

Your offer is integral to the success of your Christmas and holiday marketing campaigns, so take the time to truly consider what types of offers will get your best customers excited about buying from you. Discounts are often employed by companies to entice customers to buy, but remember that the discounts must apply to products that the customer really wants. Your offer must satisfy that requirement at a discount that motivates immediate action and also leaves enough room for you to profit.

3. Create desire

Compelling copywriting creates desire by highlighting the benefits of your products or services. Understand the difference between a feature and a benefit: a feature is an attribute of your product; a benefit is how that attribute solves a problem or makes life better for your customers. For example, saying that a coffee mug is made of a new heat-insulating polymer is a feature; saying that the coffee mug won't burn hands is a benefit.

4. Intelligent premium printing

Premium printing is important for your Christmas and holiday marketing campaigns. Since it looks and feels great, premium printing tells customers you offer quality and can be trusted. Intelligent premium printing means ordering high-quality print marketing materials at excellent prices. PsPrint routinely offers postcards, posters, flyers, business cards, brochures and other marketing materials at steep discounts – up to 60 percent off, in some cases – so you can earn more return on investment from your holiday marketing.

5. Targeted distribution

Create a custom mailing list comprised of individuals who match the demographics of your best customers. Such targeted distribution vastly increases your Christmas and holiday marketing success rates. You can either rent a list for one-time use or multiple uses; often, it's best to send multiple mailings to the same customer base because repetition is important for direct marketing success.