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How Calendar Templates Can Save Printing Costs

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You know that calendars can be some of the most powerful direct marketing tools at your disposal, but you also have an eye for ROI – return on investment. Calendars can brand, bridge customers and businesses through subject relevance, and motivate direct sales with coupons and coupon codes; but they admittedly cost more to print than, say, a few brochures. That doesn't mean calendars aren't wise investments, however; only that you should seek ways to save money on calendar printing. The best way to save and still get a high-quality professional design is to start with calendar templates.

No designer needed

The biggest printing cost-saving aspect of calendar templates is that they eliminate the need for a graphic designer, which would charge anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to create your calendar design for you. Just setting up the required date grids can take a lot of time; billable hours you can save simply by choosing calendar templates. What's more, many of the most popular calendars feature photographs on the cover and each month. If your calendars can feature photographs, you won't even need a graphic designer to design anything. Learn how to use an easy and free photo imaging software, such as Paint.NET, to place your logo on your images and brand them; and to add any text, coupons, or coupon codes you'd like. Now you can use your savings to print and distribute more calendars, mail them to customers, or simply pocket them and pat yourself on the back for making a low-cost, wise, and ultimately profitable business investment by printing with calendar templates.

Perfect press work

One of the biggest fears amateur designers and do-it-yourself business owners have when it comes to printing is not knowing how to properly set up their files. It's a reasonable concern, since improper file set up leads to production errors - errors that can be incredibly costly. But when you're printing with calendar templates, you don't have to worry about file setup mistakes. Why? Because your calendar templates are already perfectly prepared for the press. They come in the proper size, resolution and color format; plus, they have a helpful layer with layout guidelines so you exactly how to position your artwork. Thus, you save money by knowing you'll never have to run (and pay for) a reprint due to file setup mistakes.

Save money, then make money

Perhaps the greatest thing about printing with calendar templates is not only can you save money, you can make more money. This is because calendar printing templates yield the best-looking finished calendars (since they're properly prepared). When your calendars look professional and attractive, more customers will use them. And when more customers use your calendars, more will go on to buy your products and services. Thus, calendar printing templates can ultimately land more sales, increase customer interest, and make more money for your company or brand.