How Table Tent Printing Can Boost Sales

Table tent printing is one of the most overlooked revenue boosters in today's marketplace, though it can be a highly successful direct sales strategy when deployed correctly. In the right environment, your target customers will be thrilled to see your table tents, and you will increase business with the right offer. Remember that table tent printing, like all marketing, is an investment and not an expense - there is a direct return expectation. The following details how table tent printing can boost sales.

Table tent printing can reach the right customer at the right time

resources imageRestaurants have long harnessed the power of table tent printing to boost revenues. They print images of enticing appetizers, entrees, desserts and special offers on table tents and place them on every table; thus vastly increasing the chance that patrons will take advantage of their special offers. Not only can restaurants sell more food this way, they can position deals with just the right price points to maximize profits daily and even hourly.

Table tent printing can brand your company

Ever go to a bar and grill and notice all the beer and cocktail table tents distributed throughout? These promote direct sales, yes, but they also brand the companies behind them. Table tents for Anheuser Busch and the Miller Brewing Company aren't scarce, and the companies know that this branding strategy doesn't just pay off in a restaurant setting - patrons take their brand ideals home with them and consequently purchase their products at retail establishments as well.

Table tent printing can develop sales leads

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Table tents can include clip-out coupons, but they're even better when they're accompanied with pull-off response sheets and a box. You've seen this type of table tent on counters in just about every B2C industry - a contest is being sponsored and a prize awarded to a lucky entrant, who has filled out a response form with demographic and contact information. You can leverage this to send direct mail and e-mail blasts to potential customers week after week, which will ultimately allow you to maximize your return on investment via a well-targeted campaign. Creating a direct line to your customers is essential, repetition is critical, and printing table tents can help you fulfill these requirements of business success.

Table tent printing is cost effective

Table tent printing is incredibly affordable, even for small budget-minded businesses. The best table tents are printed on thick 100-pound gloss premium cover stock paper that lends both credibility and durability. Add a water-resistant UV coating for a bright sheen and extra longevity, especially in restaurant settings. You can have your table tents die cut or laid out in a vertical design to attract immediate attention. Premium table tents such as those described here can be had for about $2 apiece, which is a great price when you consider that each table tent will be viewed by hundreds - and potentially thousands - of prospective customers.