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How to Add Value to Direct-Mail Booklets

One way to get more mileage (and profit) out of your booklet is to add value to them - that is, making your booklets valuable to your customers. Here's a handful devices you can use to add value to your direct-mail booklets:


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Research is still king in adding value to direct-mail booklets. You must know your customers, of course, but you need to know what they want and, if possible, when they want it. Consider not only what motivates your customers to buy, but also what they like to do. Hobbies, sports, crafts, outdoors, adventure, fashion, children - you name it, there's a booklet potential for any recreational or professional niche in nearly any industry. Consider how your products and services apply to these niches, do your research, and you can develop a booklet that finds a special place in the hearts of your customers.


One way many businesses use booklets is to highlight specifications of a particular product or service. These booklets are sales literature designed to inform; in essence, they are case studies on the benefits of purchasing a specific product. Rich, colorful images, graphs, and charts often punctuate these types of booklets, which can be great sales tools - especially for highly technical applications. Of course, that doesn't mean booklets aren't good mediums for "simpler" products, either. Even a new twist-off pop cap could warrant a booklet, if it were revolutionary.


resources imageInstructional guides are often something that customers are looking for online. Why not send them what they are looking for anyway? A well-written guide can achieve a shelf life that lasts years, not hours or days. A few years ago, Microsoft sent search engine marketing guides out to customers they believed wanted to promote their businesses with pay-per-click advertisements but were afraid to delve into an unknown world. The booklets not only took a very simple, yet accurate step-by-step approach to marketing with pay-per-click ads; they offered a helpline for free account setup and ad deployment consultations. People are always looking to increase knowledge; so leverage the power of booklets to simultaneously teach and promote.


Including coupons in your direct-mail booklet can be the very thing you need to convert sales at a much higher rate. One way to use coupons is to list the tools needed for a particular job (landscaping, for example), and include coupons for those items on the same page. Research, coupons, and guides are just a few of the ways you can add value to your direct-mail booklets and your overall direct marketing strategy. The actual material should be printed in the best quality manner as possible. To help you with that, the online printing company PsPrint has developed a wide range of printing products and services to fill the needs of any customer. Hole drilling, bindery, custom sizes, and custom paper produced by a professional company can get your direct-mail booklets read and displayed by your customers; fueling sales and lifting profit margins to new heights.