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How to Create Baby Shower Stickers

How to create baby shower stickers

Baby showers are special celebrations in anticipation of your new bundle of joy. You send baby announcements to friends and family members inviting them to your baby shower, but you might also feel as though you and your baby are special and unique in a way that requires a little bit more than the typical baby shower invitation. One great way to augment baby shower invitations is to print baby shower stickers, commemorative labels that can be applied to your baby shower invitations, envelopes and other items at your baby shower. The following details how you can commemorate your baby with baby shower stickers.

Baby shower stickers: Design

Your baby shower stickers can be designed any way you'd like. If you know the gender or name of your baby, you could design your baby shower stickers in matching colors – baby blue or pink – with the baby's initials. Or, you could create a baby shower sticker design from a sonogram of the baby. Other ideas include baby shower stickers with unique, hopeful, or poignant phrases or sayings, or religious verses, printed on them. Symbols, shapes, patterns and other graphic elements can all be added. You can size your baby shower stickers however you'd like. There are no established norms when it comes to baby shower sticker design, so you can make them uniquely yours in any way you would like. Before you set out to design your baby shower stickers, download a free baby shower sticker layout template from PsPrint. These templates have no graphic elements on them; instead they include helpful guidelines so you can properly position your artwork. In addition, they're available in the proper size, resolution and color format to ensure a perfect print run.

Baby shower stickers: Printing

Downloading a free layout template for your baby shower stickers will eliminate most issues when it comes to printing, but you should take care to choose a baby shower sticker printing company that offers state-of-the-art printing for a premium product at a fair, affordable price. Print your baby shower stickers on top-quality gloss, vinyl or polyester sticker stocks. If you would like to vary the design on each sticker, try sheet stickers.

Baby shower stickers: Creative ideas

So how do you use your baby shower stickers? You can print baby shower stickers to affix to envelopes or as envelope seals. You can place baby shower stickers on all the gifts given at the baby shower, and leave a spot in your design to mark down who gave them to you. You can print large baby shower stickers to place on the walls or windows of the facility or home in which your baby shower is held. You can print baby shower stickers as keepsakes given to all who attend your baby shower and for you to place in your baby book or scrapbook. With a bit of brainstorming, you can come up with dozens of different uses for baby shower stickers, and the more creative you get, the more they'll be noticed. Consider how your stickers can work with your design, and how both can contribute to functional or fun uses for a unique baby shower fit for a special baby.