How To Get More Customers By Printing Invitation Cards

How To Get More Customers By Printing Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are good for more than weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other personal celebratory events. As many savvy marketers know, printing invitation cards can go a long way toward growing your business. Invitation cards are more personal than other forms of advertisements, and as such customers are more inclined to respond to them. The following details how you can get more customers by printing invitation cards.

Define your goal

Before you set out to design your invitation cards, you should first identify what your goal is; what action you would like potential customers to take after receiving your invitation cards. You might want customers to have a higher opinion of your brand, but you can motivate more direct action than that. What are you inviting customers to do? You might want them to come to a seminar, a special sale, visit a website, or call you – or even jump on a free offer. Whatever it is, it is your goal; and your invitation cards should be developed with that goal in mind.

Offer incentive

When you invite people to your wedding, there's an incentive – the reception. A birthday party? Cake and ice cream. Family obligations aside, nearly every invitation card carries some sort of incentive for the recipient to follow through. Ask yourself where the ice cream is in your invitation. It could be a special time-limited (and valuable) discount, a freebie giveaway, a promise of a great time – but not a free consultation (customers generally already expect those, so they're not big incentives).

Your copy will be fueled by this offer, and you'll include a call to action that reminds customers they need to take you up on your invitation in order to receive the benefits of your product or service with the offer.

Set the mood with design

Your invitation design will set the mood of your event: lively, friendly, fun, serious, profitable – whatever it may be, it should be visually represented by images, colors, layout, and other elements. Use design to command initial attention and to excite customers about the prospect of taking you up on your invitation.

Print premium invitations

Premium invitation cards look credible to customers. This is especially important if you're sending invitation cards to people who you have not yet done business with, and therefore do you know or yet trust you. Premium paper stocks, such as super-thick 16-point paper, eco-friendly 100 percent 13-point recycled matte and smooth 15-point velvet with soft-touch coating, are perfect – especially when coupled with vibrant soy inks. Consider leaving one side uncoated so you can pen a personal message to each recipient, which will go along way toward motivating action.

Intelligent distribution

Sending invitation cards to your current customers is easy; sending them to people you do not know is a little more difficult. Bolster your chances of success by renting or purchasing a mailing list full of potential customers who meet the demographics of your best current customers.