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How to Take Advantage of Direct Mailing Services

How to Take Advantage of Direct Mailing Services

One of the most important aspects of operating any business, and the entire focus of marketing as a whole, is to spread awareness about your business, service or product. Direct mailing services are perhaps the greatest tool in your marketing arsenal because they can save money and help you reach more customers. Direct mailing services allow you to reach hundreds or thousands of highly targeted customers at a very low cost. The following details how to take advantage of direct mailing services to save money and reach more customers.

Choose your medium

Direct mailing services allow you to send postcards, catalogs, flyers, brochures, booklets, sales letters and more via direct mail to your audience. All of these items are excellent, but if you're just starting out you might want to go with postcard marketing. Postcards are incredibly cheap to print and mail because they're small and lightweight. At the same time, they're highly versatile and can deliver any message to any audience in an impressive full-color format. Make sure you print high-quality postcards (or other marketing materials) so your customers equate your products and services with quality. The good news is you can print premium marketing materials at affordable prices when you choose the best online printing companies.

Get your mailing list

The most important aspect of your direct-mail marketing campaign is the quality of your mailing list. It should be full of targeted prospects who fit your major customer demographics. You can use direct mailing services to generate a highly targeted mailing list by selecting your chosen demographics at an incredibly affordable rate. Direct mailing services allow you to target lists by gender, income, geography, buying habits and interests, other important demographics that will help you predict the best customer segment to market a particular product, service, or sale to. This vastly increases your response rate, helping you reach more customers and saving money in the process. In fact, it helps you make money!

Include an offer and call to action

Your marketing material design will get attention in the mailbox, but make sure you include a special incentive offer along with benefits to boost your response rate. You'll also need a call to action – tell your customers precisely what to do next – in order to fully capitalize on your direct mailing services.

Send, track, repeat

Direct mailing services save money by providing you a discount rate for a certain volume of mail. Your direct mailing service can help you choose the right mailing options so you can take full advantage of your mailing list. Include a coupon or redemption code so you can track your response rate. Then tweak and test other campaigns so you can determine what generates the best response rate. Repetition is key to direct mail success, so repeat your efforts once you've identified your winning mailer for predictable profitability every time.