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Off-the-Wall Independence Day Marketing Strategies

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and you're faced with developing a marketing strategy for this year's Independence Day sales. You know that there are specific symbols, colors and themes most companies use for their Fourth of July promotions; and while you do not want to completely ignore these themes (thematic association can fuel sales), you don't want to look just like your competitors do. What you need is a huge draw. resources imageIncredible sales, discounts and other offers can bring massive numbers of customers to your business; but sometimes even this isn't enough to top the competition. Everything else being equal, you need an Independence Day draw that's larger than life - a publicity stunt - to get free press, free advertisements and tons of new business this Fourth of July. You can use the following ideas for inspiration.

Break a Fourth of July world record

resources imageRecords are made to be broken, and the fact that many people are off work during the week of the Fourth of the July means it presents the perfect opportunity to regale crowds with a world record-breaking attempt. Check out the Guinness Book of World Records website to see what records are relevant to your business and industry, what might be feasible to break and interesting to watch. You could try to break a "largest crowd doing a particular thing"-type of record, or you could invite someone to try to break a world record as a crowd simply watches (while your street team passes out brochures, business cards, flyers and promotional items, of course). Some ideas include:

  • Largest gathering of people dressed like Uncle Sam
  • Longest fireworks display
  • Fastest straitjacket escape (to symbolize freedom)

Crack the Liberty Bell

Host an event where you bring in a large bell and challenge customers to try to crack it with a sledgehammer. Whoever can do it gets an incredible deal, free merchandise or other benefit. If you (or your insurance company) are worried that someone could get hurt in such an attempt, you can instead have customers compete to see who can ring the "Liberty Bell" the loudest or the most times in a minute. Send out a die-cut flyer via direct mail in the shape of the Liberty Bell to promote this event.

Statue of Liberty sand sculptures

If there's a nearby beach and a local interest, you can challenge customers to a Statue of Liberty sand sculpture contest. If that's too far-fetched, try instead to offer a discount to anyone who comes to your place of business dressed like the Statue of Liberty. The most realistic, original and/or humorous wins! Alternatively, you can place a mascot at street-side to grab attention and lure customers to your sale.

Invite a representative to speak at a cookout

Sponsor a community cookout and ask local politicians and state and federal representatives to attend, speak and mingle with the crowd. The chance to meet a well-known politician can be just the draw you need; and the ability to speak to one's representative in such an informal setting rings of liberty - and sales! Promote your event with postcards, flyers, posters, brochures and press releases.