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Integrating Postcard Templates Into Your Business

resources imageIntegrating postcard design templates into your graphic design business can save time and increase your profit margin. Free postcard design templates, such as those available from PsPrint, eliminate most of the tedious and tired setup routine you're accustomed to trudging through, so you can focus on the creative design and forget worrying about the technical printing parameters. Here's how you can integrate postcard design templates into your graphic design business.

What are the benefits of a postcard design template?

Postcard design templates are pre-formatted in the correct four-color process (CMYK) color mode, the right printing press resolution (300 dpi), and include special markings to help you ensure that your postcards look just as great off the press as they do on your computer screen. These markings include: Bleed lines, so you know how far to extend your backgrounds for a clean print Cutlines, so you know the approximate position of the postcard cut Safety area, so you know how to position your design so that nothing gets cut off Postage/indicia placement, so your postcard is prepared in accordance with U.S. Postal Service guidelines Downloadable postcard design templates are available in formats that open in most professional design software, so you can save considerable time by skipping setup and starting with a ready-made postcard template.

Offer your clients creative options with minimal overhead

resources imageOne way to maximize your ]]>postcard design]]> offering is to cater to low-budget clients. To do this without compromising your hourly fee, you can create several "plug 'n play" postcard design templates complete with colors and graphics. You can organize your template selection by color, industry or theme; or just craft general layouts for your clients to choose from. This way, you don't have to turn away budget-minded clients - just swap out an image or logo, a couple of colors, paste new text in, and send it out the door! As stated, postcard design templates also save time on custom postcard designs since you have no setup time. You can make more money; pass savings on to your clients; or compromise somewhere in the middle. No matter how you decide to take advantage of postcard design templates, just one project and you'll realize how much easier your job is. The best thing about postcard design templates? They're free! Most online printing companies provide free professional postcard printing templates that work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Every good business understands the value of free products, and your graphic design business is no different. If you want to save time, offer your clients more options and make more money, incorporate pre-formatted postcard design templates into your graphic design business today.