Invitation Design for B2B Events

Business-to-business invitation design is different from invitation design for personal purposes. When you print B2B invitation, you need to convince busy professionals that they should take time from their days - and often spend money - to attend your event. The following tips will help you craft stellar invitation designs for B2B events.

Highlight benefitsresources image

Business professionals know that the golden question is "what's in it for me?" That's why your B2B invitation designs should highlight the benefits of attending your event. If you're holding a conference on search engine optimization, create a list of the things your attendees will be able to do after they leave your conference that they wouldn't have been able to do before. These might include choosing an optimal keyword density, applying proper image tags or how to optimize videos for online searches. Regardless of your industry, it is imperative that you highlight the benefits of your event front-and-center on your invitation designs. Show your prospects, beyond a doubt, what is in it for them and you'll have a winning design that increases response rates.

Project a desirable image

Your invitation design should capture an emotion or theme and project it throughout. Again using our search engine optimization example, you might depict a wizard driving sales through search engines - implying that your event attendees will leave with a thorough command of search engine optimization. Your design can be more subtle as long as it suggests the same theme. Consider how you can use colors, fonts, patterns, borders and shapes to show your attendees how to feel about your event. A large bold font, for example, can project an image of power and authority; while small, elegant lettering can suggest secrets or elegance.

Action over art

resources imageEvery designer loves to showcase his or her skills, but before you spend a lot of time creating a custom feathered effect carefully consider whether it will help your invitation achieve its goal: to get attendees to register. An artistic touch can certainly make an invitation design stand out, but the last thing it should do is distract readers from the natural flow of the sales copy. Red arrows that "walk" customers through the registration process might seem a bit lowbrow, but they work. Big fonts that draw attention to your call to action might seem over the top, but again, they work. Always remember that your job as an invitation designer is not to create a great-looking piece - it's to create a great-looking piece that sells. Every part of your design should be there for that purpose; if not, toss it and save it for the museum or art gallery. Once you have your invitation design ready, it's important to select a premium invitation printing company to finish your piece. Professional invitation printing lends credibility to your message and enhances your design on paper, so it helps increase your response rate. And of course, that's exactly what you want your prospects to do: respond.