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Invitation Wording for Formal Occasions

Invitation Wording for Formal Occasions

Many find it challenging to pen the perfect words inviting guests to life's most special events, but it doesn't have to be. With a bit of guidance anyone can write the perfect invitation wording for formal occasions, whether yours is a wedding, an anniversary, a graduation or any other event.

Determine who is sending the invitations

One of the first things you have to consider is who the invitations are coming from. Wedding guests, for example, might be invited to attend the wedding by either the bride and groom or their parents: Who the invitation is coming from largely dictates how your invitation wording will be arranged.

Understand why your guests are being invited

What, specifically, qualifies guests to be invited to your special occasion? Knowing this can help you create formal invitations that go beyond simple invites and give a meaningful reason for guests to attend. Using our wedding example, you might want to invite people who have shared laughter and love with you throughout the years. You can work a similar phrase into your wedding invitation.

Know the details

Paramount to any invitation, formal or otherwise, are details such as date, time, location and any special instructions you might have. Formal invitation wording doesn't have to be wordy or even necessarily poetic; but it has to make it clear what your guests are invited to and where and when they should attend.

Pair invitation wording with appropriate fonts

Your font can help your wording appear formal, even if it is generally generic invitation wording that would work on both traditional and contemporary invitation cards. A calligraphic font is often employed, and probably works best in most cases.

Pair invitation wording with formal paper and printing

Another way to make your invitation wording pop is to print your invitations on premium paper, which lends a formal and prestigious air to your invitations. Super-thick 16-point gloss cover stock or 13-point recycled matte cover stock are excellent choices.

Formal wedding invitation wording sample

Notice how all of the elements mentioned above are detailed – and spelled out (no numbers) in this formal wedding invitation wording sample:

Because you have shared your laughter and love with us, Mary Ellen Rue and Justin Thomas Sinclair invite you to share the beginning of our new life when we exchange marriage vows on Saturday, the nineteenth of July two thousand fourteen at one o'clock at The Holy Sisters Church Fourteen Seventy-One Auglaize Road Glendale, California