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Design Ideas for Fun Kids' Invitation Cards

resources imageKids' birthday parties and other special events of youth are cause for celebration, and there's no better way to get the word out than by mailing kids' invitation cards. Printing kids' invitation cards is easy - simply choose your paper (super-thick 16-point gloss or 13-point matte are perfect), size, and finish options and send your design off to PsPrint to print, fold and return with matching envelopes (or mail to your recipients for you). But coming up with a unique, creative design that captures kids' imaginations can prove to be a challenge. The following design ideas for fun kids' invitation cards should serve as springboards for your own brainstorming to that end.

Give kids' invitation cards a cartoon-ish look

Bright colors, animals, cartoon characters and funny situations define kids' invitation cards. Try an oversized card with a large design to get kids' attention. Think about the theme for the kid's' party. It might be a birthday party in a cowboy western theme, an outer space robot and alien theme, or a princess theme. Style your kids' invitation cards to reflect this theme, and fill any empty space with balloons and plenty of smiles. You might even want to put a photo of the birthday boy or girl on the cards themselves.

Print stickers for your kids' invitation cards

Kids love stickers, and they'll use them. For a few bucks, you can design and print kids' stickers and insert them into your kids' invitation cards. They can then play with the stickers at home - or, better yet, turn your invitation design into a background devoid of characters and props. Your stickers will be the characters and props, and so each child can build his or her own "scene" and bring it to the party with them.

Die cut for a funny image

resources imageRemember that cut-out clowns you saw at the fair when you were a kid? You know, the ones where you would stand behind a wooden person with a hole in the face and you would insert your head in while your parents snapped photos? You can recreate that effect with a die cut in your kids' invitation cards. Make a silly scene on the front, and cut out a hole where a character's face would be. Then, invite recipients to place a picture of themselves in the inside panel behind it.

Make them into countdown calendars

If you're printing kids' invitation cards, the big event must be very special indeed. That's why it can be fun to turn your kids' invitation cards into countdown calendars. Create funny icons or characters to represent days, or perhaps a treasure map to follow, so that kids can mark off each day as the party draws nearer. Even better - toss in stickers they can use to mark them off! Kids love to have fun, and so the more interactive you make your kids' invitation cards the more likely they'll be to play with them and remember to make it to the big event.