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Letterhead Marketing Essentials

Letterhead is about more than simple correspondence; it's about marketing a branded image that impacts your audience. So, how does letterhead fit into your overall marketing strategy? Read on to learn why letterhead marketing is essential to your identity.

resources imageYour letterhead is an extension of you

When you send correspondence, proposals, sales letters and more your letterhead visually demonstrates who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. A weak letterhead implies a weak company, while a strong letterhead implies leadership. When so many competitors are undoubtedly using letterhead as part of their branded marketing efforts, you can quickly fall behind. That's why it is so important to leverage letterhead to project professionalism.

Letterhead helps branding

Every time you send a letter, your letterhead visually reminds your customers that you're taking care of them. Effective letterheads complement branded efforts by encouraging repeat business. Your company isn't limited to just one letterhead, either. You can have separate letterheads for corporate communications, public communications and even for individual brands.

Letterhead should look and feel great

resources imageWhen it comes to letterhead, skip the clip art and hire a professional designer. You don't want to cheapen your company by going with pre-designed letterhead that is uninspiring at best, sloppy at worst. In the same token, have your letterhead professionally printed and order plenty of second sheets so your letterhead feels strong, secure and consistent in your customers' hands.

Letterhead should come in matching envelopes

Print full-color envelopes that match your letterhead design for a well-rounded, stable and professional appeal your customers will appreciate. Almost all correspondence comes packaged in bland white envelopes, so your reputation will enjoy an instant boost by making this small addition to your stationary arsenal.

Keep an eye on your return on investment

Letterhead isn't like other direct print marketing; it is more passive in nature. Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to your letterhead overhead. When it comes to marketing, every dollar counts, so carefully examine your letterhead printing options before you go to press. You'll find that ordering in volume can bring tremendous savings. Since most organizations use a lot of letterhead, you'll get more for less when you order letterhead supplies for the next year instead of just the next month. Letterhead marketing is essential to establishing a well-branded organization. The marketing tips listed here will put you on the right path to planning your next letterhead marketing strategy.