Make a Mint with Invitation Templates

resources imageYou can create passive income out of your downtime by creating invitation templates that you can sell at discounted prices on your website. This is a great way to get business from clients who do not have the budget to hire you for custom invitation design services, but like your work enough to purchase pre-made designs that they can fill in with important details. Here's what you need to know to make a passive income on invitation templates.

Design popular niche invitation templates

You could design a stable of invitation templates for any occasion, which isn't a bad idea, but you'll likely earn more sales if your concentrate on one or two types of niche invitation templates. Examples include wedding invitation templates, party invitation templates, birthday invitation templates, anniversary invitation templates, graduation invitation templates and more. When you focus on a niche, you can more easily market via search engines and paid marketing that try to match specific searches with relevant services. You can weed through competition and make it that much easier to earn sales.

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Offer invitations templates as alternatives

When clients visit your design studio seeking a low-budget solution to their invitation needs, you can have an invitation book on-hand that they can peruse to find a low-cost template. All you have to do is send the template to your invitation printing company and have it delivered to your clients when the printing is complete. Or, offer to fill out the pertinent information in your graphic design program and swap in a photo or two (in pre-designated areas) for an extra fee. You're still doing minimal work - just a few minutes - and getting paid for it.

Actively market your niche invitation templates

Relying on low-budget clients to come into your design studio might yield plenty of sales, and then again it might not. If you really want to make a mint on invitation templates, you have to aggressively market them. The online arena is one great place to do this. Not only can you target niche invitation template seekers with search engine optimization and paid advertisements, you can also target other designers for B2B sales. You might put together several niche packages, such as "100 Destination Wedding Invitation Templates," that other graphic designers can buy and then further customize to sell to their customers. With the right strategy, invitation templates can be a great source of passive income for your business. A single template might be sold 50 times or more, ultimately yielding a higher profit than a single custom client design, so this lucrative business model is well-worth exploring for any graphic designer.