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Make Your Own Mystery Party Invitation Cards

resources imageHosting a mystery party is an incredibly entertaining way to get a group of friends together for a fun game that sure beats the obligatory board game. You can purchase mystery party games from a retailer or, to make it even more fun, you can make your own mystery party game with a bit of creativity and imagination. A quick search online will yield dozens of tutorials and inspiration for how to create your own mystery party game, and you can even find free games that only require you to copy and paste the directions to start the game play. If you're going to make your own mystery party game (which will allow you to tailor each character to the actual personalities of the players involved), you'll need to send mystery party invitation cards. But these aren't your typical party invitation templates - instead, they set a mysterious tone and lay out character instructions. Here's what you need to know about making your own mystery party invitation cards

What to put in mystery party invitation cards

Mystery parties are fun because each person has to play a specific character, and each character has unique quirks that makes them fit the part. Each mystery party invitation card should include individualized instructions for the guest's character (but not for the other characters), such as:

  • character name
  • character bio/background
  • character personality traits
  • what the character should wear
  • any props the character should bring
  • a script for certain parts of the mystery party (optional, depending on your instructions)

Your mystery party invitation cards should also include background on the party itself, such as what time period it is in and the fictional location of the mystery party. Of course, it should also include factual information such as address, date, time, food/drinks menu or requests, a map, and any other pertinent information. In addition, you'll probably want to design your mystery party invitation cards with relevant graphics. Try a Creative Commons search for your party themes, which could include the time period and appropriate attire, murder, mayhem and mystery.

How to print mystery party invitation cards

resources imageFor a truly memorable mystery party, have your invitation cards professionally printed. You could print individual invitation cards for each character, but you will save money if you print one card with all the basic information and slip a typed insert into each card - or, simply leave a blank area on each card on which you can handwrite or type specific character instructions. Print your mystery party invitation cards on a sleek, glossy, super-thick 16-point cover stock or a rich, deep 13-point matte cover stock (which is also recycled so it is eco-friendly); either type of paper will look elegant and inviting for your mystery party. If you add a UV coating they'll hold up for decades so you can put them in your scrapbook (you are taking photos at your mystery party, right?).