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Market Your Business with Car Door Magnets

Car Door Magnets

All small business owners want to take advantage of affordable marketing methods that put their companies in front of thousands of potential customers, and it's a big reason why vehicles commonly double as marketing materials. Your truck, van, or car serves as your rolling advertisement every time you're at a job location, traveling on vacation, or simply driving across town to pick up a gallon of milk. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to market your business on-the-go, look no further than car door magnets.

Car door magnets are cheap, yet effective, alternatives Large-format vehicle wraps and custom vehicle painting are expensive; moreover, they're permanent and can actually hurt the resale value of your business vehicle (it's tough to sell a van with “Dan's Roofing Service” plastered on both sides). Bumper stickers are cheap ways to market your business, but they're also relatively small and, let's face it, they don't offer the professional presentation afforded by graphics on the side of your vehicle. Car door magnets, on the other hand, are both cheap and big enough to command the same level of attention as vehicle wraps and custom painting. Moreover, car door magnets are removable, which means you can simply slap them on a new vehicle when it's time to sell your old one – and you'll be able to get fair market value for it. That makes car door magnets a sound marketing investment.

Car door magnets offer excellent branding Another perk of car door magnets is their ability to brand your business. You can print full-color car door magnets with your logo, tagline, contact information or anything else you'd like. You can even have your car door magnets die cut for a perfect fit – or for a perfect brand. Consider, for example, a dog groomer who prints bone-shaped car door magnets, or a mechanic who prints wrench-shaped car door magnets. By taking advantage of shapes, color and even placement, you can help your brand stand out from the competition no matter where you're at.

Car door magnets are transferable As previously mentioned, car door magnets aren't permanent. That means you can transfer them from vehicle to vehicle as needed. This is perfect for small business owners whose work vehicles double as family vehicles. You might want to put your car door magnet on during the day, and then take it off when you go out at night. Or, you might print car door magnets exclusively for your work vehicle, but place them on the family van when you hit the road for vacation so you can market your business hundreds of miles at a time.

Car door magnets last years Car door magnets are durable, fade-resistant, and water-resistant. That means a single car door magnet can last years, thus maximizing your investment. A single car door magnet might easily get millions of views throughout its lifetime – what other marketing material can match that?

Tips for better car door magnets It's a good idea to have a goal in mind before you design and print your car door magnets. Do you want to simply promote your brand and contact information? A logo, phone number, and website will do. Do you want to motivate customers to buy now? You can print car door magnets for special sales seasons to actively promote your sales when you're on the road. Determine what your goal is first, and then design your car door magnets to help you achieve that goal. Once your initial design concepts are complete, take a picture of the vehicle your magnets will typically be placed on.

Then, overlay your magnet design onto the picture so you can see what your magnets will look like. It can be tough to truly envision what the end result will be without actually seeing it for yourself, and taking this easy step can help you correct any potential design flaws and ensure your car door magnets look as great on your vehicle as they do on your computer screen. Finally, enlist others to help you promote your business.

Your spouse, your children, other family members, and even your best friends may all be willing to sport your car door magnets in their travels. You might offer them a free gas card for doing so, even if for a month, to help get the word out about your company. Car door magnets are a cheap and easy way to earn exposure for your company. If you want your marketing dollars to stretch as far as possible without sacrificing your ability to attract new customers, consider printing car door magnets today.