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Market Your Business with Letterhead

Excellent communication skills are key to your business success, and fortunately you have plenty of opportunities to brand your business through your communications. The question is whether you take advantage of these opportunities. One of the best ways to market your business is with letterhead. And as you'll read below, letterhead isn't limited to stuffy corporate material no one wants to look at. Indeed, letterhead can help set you apart from the competition, establish your brand, earn new business and even make direct sales. Here's how to market your business with letterhead.

Make a splash with unique letterhead design

resources imageThere are no rules that say your letterhead design has to consist of a logo in the top left, contact information in the top right and a header line between - though it seems like most companies use some variation of this. You can position your company as being different from the competition with a unique letterhead design. Try putting your "header" in a left or right sidebar, or placing your contact details and logo at the bottom of your page. A watermarked logo behind the body copy is another compelling letterhead design tribute. Die cut letterhead and foil stamped letterhead elements also go a long way toward proving that you are different, better, and cutting edge.

Make a letterhead coupon panel

This letterhead marketing technique is rarely, if ever, used: turn a sidebar or bottom into a tear-off coupon (or coupon code) box to elicit direct sales. Such a strategy might not be appropriate for all communication (such as legal letters), but it's certainly useful in some communication with customers - especially if used in conjunction with a sales letter. Turn your entire coupon panel into a compelling advertisement with a steep discount or free trial offer. Design your panel like an advertisement to attract attention, and use proven copywriting techniques to increase your response rate. Treat your recipients like VIPs (since not everyone receives letterhead communication from you), and they'll treat you special in return.

Send your letterhead to everyone

resources imageLetterhead isn't just for sales letters and legal matters. Instead, use it for every business communication you have. If you have a press release to distribute, send it on letterhead. If you have to draft a personal letter to a client, do it on letterhead. If you're sending bills - you guessed it! - send it on letterhead. The more your letterhead gets out there, the more likely it will land sales for you.

Print on premium letterhead paper

Finally, you should print your letterhead on premium paper to help establish credibility. Thick, textured 70-pound white wove paper and smooth 24-pound synergy bond stock feel comfortable and reassuring in your customers' hands, and will go a long way toward building trust and business relationships. Don't forget to order secondary blank sheets of letterhead for multi-page communication, as well as matching envelopes for consistency in your letterhead marketing campaigns.