Meet & Learn 1/22/15: Event Marketing for Nonprofits

In this Meet & Learn we focus on the best ways to promote your next nonprofit event.  Here on the first steps to ensure you have a successful event.

  1. Define the goal of your event:  Is it to raise funds? Increase awareness?
  2. Identify your audience:  Create a list of people, or types of people, who would be the best audience for the goal of your event.
  3. Create your message:  What is the event tagline? Mission? Make sure to keep your messages consistent with the feeling of your nonprofit. Remember to put your audience first: How will they benefit from your message? Include a specific call to action.
  4. Define your channel:  How will you promote your event? A mailing? Social media? Paid advertisements? We recommend a cross channel mix for the best results.
  5. Identify your goals and metrics:  How will you determine it was a successful event? What are your follow up techniques and goals for reaching out to attendees after the event?

PsPrint offers several key products focused on event promotion, including posters, event tickets, booklets  and table tents. Check out the slideshow presentation from this event to learn more: