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Mini Business Card Marketing Strategies

Mini business cards are all the rage for marketers looking for outside-the-box ways to get noticed and motivate customers to take action. In an environment where singular niche simplicity has risen through the ranks to become the ultimate marketing position, mini business cards are the perfect way to promote your products and services to a well-targeted audience. resources imageBut not just any mini business card will do; if your only goal is to print a smaller version of your full-size business card, you might be barking up the wrong tree. Mini business cards will get noticed because of their size (bigger isn't always better - but an anomaly is), but if all you want to do is get noticed your brand efforts are lacking. Instead, try the following mini business card marketing strategies to boost the strength of your campaign, increase brand awareness and even motivate direct sales.

Add value

The single most important thing you can do as part of your marketing strategy is add value to your mini business cards. Augment the typical boilerplate name, title and contact information with something that your target audience will appreciate, enjoy, and reference time and again. You can use the back of your mini business cards to make mini calendars, athletic or event schedules, and handy conversion charts (such as a dining out tip chart) that align with the interests, hobbies and professions of your targeted prospects. Adding value in this manner puts your brand in front of customers time and again, builds trust and credibility in your methods, and proves to prospects that you "get them." The back of your mini business cards represents valuable real estate - don't waste it on a simple logo or other graphic. Put it to work to motivate customers into action.

Pitch an offer

resources imageAnother often-overlooked marketing strategy for mini business cards is to incorporate an offer and call to action. You can use either side of your business card to do this (or even include a teaser on the front that leads to the back). Probably the easiest - yet one of the most effective - offers to present is a simple discount coupon code. You could turn the entire back of your card into a coupon redeemable for a discount (or a coupon code so customers can keep the card). Make sure your offer is relevant and worthwhile to prospects, and if you can put it side-by-side with a value-added calendar, chart or schedule (see above) you can couple brand power with direct sales. Don't waste the opportunity to sell!

Distribute everywhere

Mini business cards are unique in that they can be distributed practically anywhere: hand-to-hand, inserted in literature or DVDs, attached to products as hang tags, made into key chains and incorporated into just about any other creative application you can think of. Mini business cards are cheap to print, and you can't make sales unless you get the word out, so brainstorm creative applications to put your mini business cards in the hands of your target audience.