New Direct-Mail Ideas for Summer

New Direct Mail Ideas for Summer

So the summer heat has finally arrived, but instead of just having the regular old “summer sale” type direct-mail advertising campaign, why not spice things up this year and create a unique mailing that commands attention and adds a touch of cool to chill the summer heat. Try some of these direct-mail ideas to heat up sales this summer.

The melted ice cube

This is sure to get a laugh and a knowing nod from any client struggling to retain their sanity during the dry, hot months of the year. On your brochure or postcard, include a graphic of some spilled water – in this case, melted ice. Insist that you sent them an ice cube to help them get through the summer day and that you sincerely hope it arrived with the note. Humor like this doesn't just show your fun side to your clients, if you can successfully make them crack a smile they'll remember you the next time they need your services.

Summer-themed cutouts

Direct-mail flyers die cut into specific designs can allow you and your customers to enjoy their more playful side and will prove to be a good time for all. They also are a great opportunity to stand out – imagine your customer, making the seemingly short journey through the summer heat to their mailbox (or worse, driving to the post office). They finally arrive at the mail, and among a few bills – electricity for the air conditioning, no doubt – and other standard, rectangular mail, a unique shape catches their eye. You could go with the obvious “sun” shape, but try to get your creative juices flowing.

The winter postcard

This might be an idea you would like to pursue if your direct-mail campaign is being launched to bring old or unresponsive customers back, again depending on the nature of your business and perhaps your location. Send your mailing list a winter-themed postcard or brochure adorned with the tag line, “Miss me yet?” The absurdity of a Christmas-style card arriving in the dead heat of summer is sure to be noticed by anyone receiving it. It's so abnormal that it can't help but stand out – and half of the battle in any advertising campaign is getting your audience to pay attention.

Good ol' air conditioning

If you're fortunate enough to work in a location with excellent air conditioning, be sure to mention it in your direct-mail campaign. If you're sending a brochure, don't be afraid to dedicate a decent portion of your selling points for this feature. When your customers know that a visit to your business means a cool environment, friendly reception, and perhaps a cool glass of lemonade if you want to go the extra mile, they will be much more likely to pay you a visit instead of relegating you to the “it's too hot, I'll go tomorrow” list.