New Ways to Design Stickers

New Ways to Design Stickers

Stickers are a great way to promote your company, products and services. You can affix stickers just about anywhere your target audience is likely to see them and earn brand recognition. The best way to command attention for your brand with stickers is to design stickers that are incredibly eye-catching. Unfortunately, most companies design stickers that are a bit lackluster; typical square stickers with white backgrounds that might have a logo on them. The following lists a few new ways to design stickers so they stand out from the crowd and help differentiate you from the competition.

Go big and colorful First and foremost, never overlook the power of size. When your stickers are the biggest around, they'll be the most noticeable around. Print oversized stickers to affix to walls, windows, vehicles, bathroom mirrors, stall doors and utility objects (with permission). Color is another powerful eye attractant. Instead of “cool” black or dark blue, go for a bright yellow, orange or other color that immediately draws the eyes in. You don't have to blind customers with your big, bright sticker; but you should definitely not go unnoticed.

Design unique shapes Stickers have come in many shapes for years: circles, rectangles, stars and more. But if you really want to make a splash with your sticker designs you can create die-cut stickers that have unique shapes that fit your target audience's lifestyles. For example, if you want to target motorcyclists, you could design stickers that are just right for the back of motorcycle helmets. If you want to target smart phone users, you could print stickers that fit certain models of smart phones; complete with die-cut holes for buttons and camera lenses. You can also create unique shapes designed to demonstrate what your company does. Do you sell pet products? A dog bone-shaped sticker might do the trick. A contractor might print hammer-shaped stickers, while a real estate agent might design home-shaped stickers.

Be funny One of the best ways to get attention for your company with sticker marketing is to design funny stickers. You might remember, for example, the glass cleaner company stickers that depicted hapless shoppers walking into windows (because the glass was so clean they couldn't see it). Funny stickers get noticed in public; but they also enjoy the social media age in which passers-by will take photos and share them with their friends. You could launch a viral campaign offline with sticker printing!

Play on backgrounds If you know what your background will be, you can create stickers that match. A hot sauce company once designed stickers to go on restroom blowing hand driers to make it look like the hot air was blowing out of the mouth of someone who had just tried their sauce. Creative ideas such as this example take advantage of their surroundings to command customer attention, make a point and ultimately lead to increased sales.