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Newsletter Printing Techniques

resources imageWith the right presentation, full-color newsletter printing is an excellent way to command a whopping return on investment. Full-color newsletters help you connect with your readers, establish credibility and boost sales now and in the long term. Newsletter printing is especially important to your newsletter marketing success, because the quality of your print job reflects the quality of your company. Consider the following newsletter printing techniques when planning your next newsletter marketing campaign:

Choose great paper

Your newsletter paper should feel strong and solid in your readers' hands, lending an air of stability to your company image. Choose a 100-pound or 80-pound gloss text for a deep shine that enriches your newsletter colors; or, for a more subtle sheen, go with a 70-pound matte text made from eco-friendly recycled paper.

Assemble your pages

Consider how you're going to assemble your newsletter: in three-ring binders or with brass brads, or will you have them stitched (stapled twice along the spine)? If you're putting them in binders, have holes drilled so you can simply line them up and insert. Remember that newsletters can be anywhere from four to 32 pages (in multiples of four), so make sure you choose a binding method that will last for the life of your newsletter.

Get coupons and tear-offs perforated

resources imageIf your newsletter includes coupons, calendars, upcoming events or other important "keepers," have your newsletters perforated so your readers can easily tear these items off. Adding value is essential to successful newsletter marketing, and this method allows newsletter printing and marketing to work hand-in-hand to elicit response.

Go straight from press to mail

You can save time, money and hassles by having your newsletter printing company provide a mailing list and mail your newsletters to that list (or your own). PsPrint's experts know how to send newsletters for maximum return on investment, and you can use the online tools available to get instant pricing for newsletter printing, list creation and mailing.

Get a proof and print for your budget

A hardcopy proof is the single best way to check for typos, color and layout positioning errors. Newsletters contain so much content, so it's best to hold your newsletter in your hand to double-check for mistakes - you don't want to lose credibility due to a one-letter typo! You probably know that printing in volume yields a lower cost per newsletter, but did you also know you can choose to print premium or economy newsletters? Premium newsletters look great because they're printed on state-of-the-art offset presses. Economy newsletters lack the quality of premium newsletters, but they still look great and cost less because they're printed on a Xerox 6060 machine. Both premium and economy newsletters are available in full color and are a great addition to your customer relations arsenal. Newsletter printing is a relatively simple, streamlined process when you incorporate techniques that boost quality and - in return - response. Follow these newsletter printing techniques to boost your newsletter marketing return on investment overnight.