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Notepad Marketing Strategies

Notepads are often overlooked as a viable and affordable way to reach your target audience time and again in many different settings. From the conference room to the sales call and beyond, notepads put your message in front of potential customers day after day in a highly useful way. Take note of these notepad marketing strategies to boost your return on investment the next time you print notepads:

Make sure everyone has 'em

People love notepads. They keep them by the office phone, in their drawers, in day planners, in vehicles, briefcases, purses and suitcases — the list goes on and on. Notepads don't do any good sitting in a box, so distribute as many as you can to the right audience. Hand them out to every potential customer, to all existing customers, to family and friends, to trade show and conference attendees and definitely make sure you include free notepads in your press kit. Unlike some marketing materials, your prospects will actually use your notepads in every day life, lending the power of personal branding through the long term. Make sure everyone who can benefit from your products and services has your notepad, and always keep a few extra on you to hand out on short notice.

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Add value/make useful

Add value to your notepads by offering a free report, consultation, discount or other incentive. Make sure you include a call to action. Your notepad sheets will be identical, so a timeless promotion works best here. Alternatively, you can include a themed event calendar or reminder checklist at the top or bottom of your notepad. Imagine, for an accountant's notepad, a line of bubbles at the top with phrases like: "February 1: Schedule Appointment" and "April 15: Tax Filing Deadline."

Always take notes on your own notepads

You don't have to give your notepads away to command attention. With the right design, your notepad can leave a lasting impression on meeting associates — but while you're there, why not hand a few out to everyone anyway? This way, your notepads pull double-duty. You should also use your notepad for casual correspondence — any time you're not using stationary or letterhead.

Promote specific products and services

resources imageNotepads for corporate identity branding are one thing and are quite useful; however, if you have a specific line of products or services to promote and a well-defined target audience, you should print notepads that speak exclusively to that crowd. Use your notepad to espouse the benefits of a particular product or service: "TechnoLight's servers have 99.9 percent uptime — Guaranteed. Visit ]]>www.yoursite.com]]> to learn more." Notepads work on the subconscious, subliminally reinforcing your company's valuable, high-quality name, products and services to your target audience every day. In the long run, your notepad marketing strategies will pay off in customer loyalty and long-term business relationships. These simple, yet effective, notepad marketing strategies will put you on the fast track to success.