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Panel Response Card Marketing Strategies

Whether you're holding a conference or seminar, setting up in-home sales demonstrations, inviting your customers to a special event or sending a sales response letter, panel response cards are often the last push your customers need to take action and respond to your offer. Think about it - with panel response cards, customers do not have to log on, they do not have to call a phone number and they do not have to visit a location. They can just drop it in the mail. When it comes to marketing, the more convenient your response route, the better. Here are some panel response card marketing strategies you can employ for your next campaign:

Reinforce your messageresources image

Your panel response card should include all relevant information. It should reinforce all of the important details of your sales letter, invitation or greeting card. Make sure your panel response card has your event's name, time, date and location. It should also include your benefits and call to action one more time, since this is often the last step in the lead generation process, and you don't want to lose customers here.

Leave space for response

While it's true that you should reinforce your message on your panel response card, you should also keep it simple. Your customers have gotten this far, and you don't want to give them any reason to stop now. Make sure your panel response card has enough space for an actual response - name, address, phone number and any other information you'll need. Don't go overboard, because you can collect additional information at the event itself.

Have it die cut

Die-cut panel response cards have character and command attention. Pre-formatted die-cut templates are available in many themes and can save you time and money, while a custom-made die cut can project your organization's image at a glance.

Have it perforated

resources imageYou can add value with creative panel response card perforations. Half of your panel response card could serve as a ticket for your event, for example, or as a reminder your customers can tack to a bulletin board or refrigerator. You can also use this space to include a map or checklist for the day of the event or to include a coupon for a nearby restaurant, hotel or even a product or service you sell. Panel response cards are extremely convenient, which makes them a highly effective way to motivate your customers to take action. The panel response card strategies listed here will help you develop an interesting panel response card that does what it's supposed to: generate a return on investment.