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Personalize Your Wedding with Favor Tags

resources imageOne of the best ways to express your appreciation for your wedding guests is with a wedding favor. Wedding favor ideas are limitless, from candles and sparklers to vases and seeds, and more. Wedding favors can match your wedding theme, the season, the décor, your personality or just be random tokens of appreciation. No matter what wedding favors you give away at your wedding, you can personalize your gift with favor tags. Favor tags are the slips of paper you tie or band to your wedding favors, typically with a ribbon (but anything that binds will do). You can buy pre-made favor tags at wedding shops, but they lack the unique character that only your wedding has. Instead of being like everyone else, you can personalize your wedding with favor tags.

Use a layout template

resources imageStart by downloading a free favor tag layout template, which has helpful guidelines so you can be sure that your favor tag design will look great when printed and finished. From there, the sky is the limit - you can design your wedding favor tags any way you'd like. Some inspirational ideas include:

  • Bride and groom's names written in stylish calligraphy
  • A thank-you note written by the bride and groom
  • Photos of the bride and groom, the families, or a wedding cake
  • Die cuts in the shape of a wedding ring, flowers, or cake
  • Foil stamps to outline elegant text or make silhouettes shine
  • The story of how the bride and groom met
  • A list of the wedding party
  • The wedding theme, or a common (and well-known) interest shared by the bride and groom

Once you choose your design idea, simply use your favorite editing program to apply it to your downloaded template. Double-check your design positioning against your template guidelines, delete the guide layer, and save or export your favor tag design for printing.

Choose the right paper

Print your hang tags on super-thick 16-point glossy cover stock for a bright and durable sheen that brilliantly pulls colors out of your design. You should have chosen a size when you created your design (since your template would be come in the correct size), which can be anywhere from 2 inches by 2 inches by 12 and one-half inch by 17 inches. Experiment with shapes - squares, triangles, circles and more - and employ a die cut or foil stamp to match your wedding's style: romantic, fun, elegant, shotgun or otherwise. Your wedding is your special day, and it is as unique as your love for your special someone. In that same vein, everything about your wedding should be unique to you. Why settle for run-of-the-mill pre-printed department store favor tags when you can craft brilliantly creative favor tags that no one else will have at their wedding? Your guests will marvel at your attention to detail, and your favor tags will become more than gift-toppers; they'll be elegantly designed for your scrapbook to share with future family generations for decades to come.