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Personalized Calling Card Design Ideas

Do you have a personalized calling card? If not, you should. You might think that personalized calling cards are simply a fancy way to say business cards, but nothing could be further from the truth. There's a big difference between the two, in fact. Think about it: Business cards identify what you do for a company and nothing else. Personalized calling cards, on the other hand, identify who you are as a person. They can say anything about you - where you work, yes, but so much more.

Get a little personal

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Personalized calling cards can say what clubs you're active in; what hobbies you have; who your family members are; what your ]]>Facebook]]>, ]]>Twitter]]>, website or blog pages are; what you're seeking in life; what your religion is; who your favorite sports teams are: The sky is the limit. It all depends on the application, where you intend to hand your personalized calling cards out at and who you intend to give them to. In the same vein, personalized calling cards can be design in a myriad of different ways. The key is to be unique: Your calling cards are unique to you, and thus they should be unique from everyone else's calling cards.

Get friendly with calling cards

Maybe you enjoy playing racquetball and routinely get in local or regional leagues and tournaments. You meet a lot of good people that you might like to become friends with. Instead of fumbling for a pen and paper to exchange numbers, or handing one another business cards (which have nothing to do with business), you can exchange personalized calling cards. Your card, in this example, might be die cut in the shape of a racquetball racket or at least display your name, skill level, places you play, personal contact information, etc.

Personalized calling cards for dates

Parents could use personalized calling cards to share contact information with other parents to set up play dates between their children. But maybe you're going to hand out personalized calling cards to find new friends for yourself or even a date. If the latter is true, you might want to cleverly include qualities that would be attractive to your ideal mate. This isn't to say you should showboat (unless, of course, that is your personality), but you could fill out the back of your calling cards in a fashion similar to a dating website profile.

Try a die cut

resources imageThis isn't to say your personalized calling cards have to be shaped to fit a specific theme, but it's worth noting that die-cut cards get noticed. You could try a rounded corner (or two or four) to get the same effect. You might also want to include more hobbies, interests and affiliations so you can pass out your personalized calling cards in your other walks of life. All in all, it's fair to say that your personalized calling cards should represent who you are and what you do as a person and not as a business entity. They should be designed in your favorite colors, with your favorite fonts, and perhaps an icon or initial logo that you can claim as yours. And, your calling cards should have a purpose: they should direct recipients to ways they can learn more about you - your social networks, website and personal contact information. Your recipients should be able to take one glance at your personalized calling cards and know that they are about the one and only you.