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Personalized Hang Tags for Three Special Events

Personalized hang tags aren't just for retail clothing and fashion accessories; in fact, they can brighten up festivities for just about any occasion. The beauty of personalized hang tags is that they add a touch of class to special events in a way that is both unique and commemorative. If you want to sprinkle flavor into social gatherings, try personalized hang tags for the following three special events - from a business perspective.

1. Trade shows

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Trade shows are more than simple pitch opportunities; they're social gatherings where networking is a priority and a jovial spirit is necessary to crack open their true potential as long-term revenue generators. Try printing oversized hang tags for trade shows, personalized with your company name and even discount offers for your customers, and deploy them everywhere - from your trade show booth to your representatives who walk through the grounds and mingle with VIPs. Leverage the power of personalized hang tags to brand your company, products and services; and to generate immediate return on investment with can't-be-beat deals that target your customer base.

2. Fundraisers

Fundraisers represent another avenue in which you can promote your brand to potential customers - and also get some great PR in as well. There are many different types of fundraisers, and each presents new ways to market your company with personalized hang tags. If you're running a charity dinner, you can place personalized hang tags on napkins or gift bags at each seat; if you're sponsoring a bake sale, each item can be adorned with a hang tag; and if you're behind a volunteer walk or run you can tag each bottle of water with your company's name. Include discount coupons on your name tag, and you can do more than brand your company - you can motivate direct sales.

3. Weddings

resources imageIt's probably obvious why soon-to-be-weds would want personalized hang tags to put on wedding favors at the reception table, but perhaps not so obvious why a business can make money by helping out in this area. First, consider that weddings are expensive - and it's often the little expenses that add up that tip the scales. As a business, you can offer to offset some of those little costs by providing free personalized wedding favor tags (hang tags) to wedding parties. On one side you'll print the bride and groom's names, photos or whatever else they would like; on the back you'll have a discount coupon for your business. Instead of it being an overt advertisement, however, you'll play it off as though the discount is a gift from the bride and groom for everyone's support. If your offer is extra-special (and it should be), then you'll have a hit that does not intrude on the wedding reception yet simultaneously brands your company and boosts business. You save the newlyweds money, you save their guests money, and you make money yourself. It's a win-win-win situation all the way around.