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Personalized Notepads for Teachers

Our educators work hard to provide us with the knowledge and skills we need to thrive in today's economic client - so much so that we can never repay them. Still, many students like to offer their teachers a token of gratitude that extends beyond the traditional apple; and personalized notepads are the perfect gift for teachers because they have both instrumental and sentimental value.

Instrumental valueresources image

Just like students, teachers must take notes every day. Whether it's a reminder for an upcoming parent/teacher conference or to pick up some milk on the way home, teachers are often seen reaching for their notepads to make a quick note before the fleeting thought disappears in the midst of more pressing issues. A high-quality notepad printed on 70-pound paper with a white wove finish has just the touch of elegance to say "you're writing in style!"

Sentimental value

This is where it really gets fun: Instead of a plain, old notepad that says "Thanks Teach" you can give your teacher a personalized notepad with any kind of text or design you want. Perhaps you want to include a photo of you or your class across the top, or some famous quotes your teacher is fond of. Or, you could turn part of your notepad into a checklist of things your teacher always stresses. Have you had a tumultuous relationship with your teacher (perhaps you were the class clown)? Then you can turn your notepad into a humorous piece that reminds your teacher of the reasons she's thankful you've moved on. No matter what your goal is - to express gratitude and appreciation or to elicit a laugh - you can be sure that a personalized notepad is a very unique and sentimental gift your teacher will appreciate every time he or she uses it for years to come!

The specs

resources imageAs stated, the best paper for your notepad is 70-pound white wove. Print your notepads at 4-inch by 6-inch so they're big enough to write meaningful notes yet small enough that they do not clutter desk space. For an extra touch, you can have holes drilled into your notepads so you can use a ribbon to tie on a creative accent such as a personalized pen. Many students seek unique gifts for their teachers, but few choose something so unique that it can only be given by one person - and even then only given once. A personalized notepad is just that, and offers endless design customization possibilities so you can be head of the class, teacher's pet, a perennial trickster or just express a bit of gratitude for a good education.