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Photographer Marketing: What Do You Need?

resources imageThis is the second article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your photography business. Once you've identified your photography businesses' branded image, you have to determine what marketing materials you'll need to emblazon that image on so your company can get the exposure you need to be successful. The following details what marketing materials you need to successfully market your photography business.

Must-have photography marketing materials

resources imageBusiness cards - No matter where your photographic expertise lies, you stand to gain a great deal of business through networking with others. Business cards are the premier social leave-behind that helps forge relationships that lead to sales.

Postcards - Direct-mail postcards are proven to be incredibly efficient at landing sales when mailed to a highly targeted mailing list. If you're an event photographer, targeting the time of your direct-mail postcards is as important as targeting your customers.

Posters - Perhaps you've never considered posters as a way to market your photography business, when you consider they're a cheap yet striking way to reach the masses it should be easy to see how posters can help brand your company and even return direct sales.

Flyers - Like little posters, flyers can be distributed almost anywhere: bulletin boards, doors, windows, under windshield wipers, in hallways, slipped in retail bags and passed out on campuses and in business districts.

Calendars - Distributing free calendars to potential customers is the perfect to showcase your photography skills with new artwork featured every month.

Website - Your website should include a list of your services offered, your credentials, a portfolio and, of course, contact information.