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Political Postcards: What You Need To Know

Postcards are a print marketing staple of many political election campaigns for good reason: They work, and they're cheap to design, print and send. Despite these amazing benefits of the printed postcard, many politicians and political organizers/campaign managers miss the boat when it comes to taking advantage of the full potential of postcards as political motivators. Sway public opinion your way and lay the foundation for a successful political campaign with these postcard tips.

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Know your goal

"Hey, elect me!" Is that all your postcards say? If so, you're missing an opportunity. For each postcard you're going to send, you must define who your target audience is and how your election will benefit that audience. If you're seeking crucial funding, send a fundraising postcard to party members (independents, if you have no party affiliation). If you're trying to learn demographics, invite postcard recipients to fill out a public opinion poll on your website (or turn your postcard into a tear-off for this purpose). And if you want votes, tell them why. You could conceivably send four to six rounds of postcards during your political campaign. Some should target everyone, others your party lines, and still others demographically separated groups such as businesses and consumers. Remember that name association goes a long way in the polling booths, so don't hold back on cost-efficient postcard marketing.

Craft compelling copy

Take a look at the typical political postcard. "Vote for me because I'm a ________________ (veteran, businessman, family person, accomplished woman, an incumbent, fill in the blank)." Most political postcards focus on what a candidate has done and where he or she has been - what roles they have played. This is good, because the public wants background information, but it is not enough. The real question is "what are you going to do, if elected?" Or, even more specific to the reader: "What are you going to do for me?" By actively and specifically stating your intentions, you can gain powerful allies (the public) who vote for you because they believe you will do good and fair things. Otherwise, they're forced to choose between two or more ambiguous candidates or - even worse - the perceived "lesser of two evils." Strong candidates have strong public support, and the only way to get it is to be specific and honest with your message.

Print quality postcards

resources imageVoters equate the quality of your postcards with the quality of your candidacy. Whether you're paying for your postcards out of your own pocket or whether a committee has formed to financially back your candidacy, it's important to lend a perception of quality by printing premium postcards. Luckily, ultra-premium postcard stocks such as 16-point gloss cover and 13-point matte cover is extremely affordable through online printing companies such as PsPrint. An added bonus? The company's 13-point matte cover stock is  recycled for an eco-friendly add-on. Political postcards are powerful tools for swaying public perception, so carefully plan your postcards to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Print and mail quality postcards, and your public will believe you when you say you're the right candidate for the job.