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Postcard Marketing Strategies for Summer

resources imageFor many people, summer is the best time of the year. Fun in the sun is what it's all about, and it would be a shame if you passed up this opportunity to join in and make a buck or two from the poolside. During summer, people are on the go - so postcards deliver the perfect short pitch you need to get attention and motivate response on the double. Here are some summer postcard marketing strategies you can use this season:

Bite into a food theme

Getting attention is key during the summer season. If you can't get a look, then you can't pull the hook. Try summer themes to make your customers' mouths water, then relate your imagery back to your business. A postcard with a juicy slice of watermelon or a lime green Popsicle can stop readers in their tracks. Summer is the season of cookouts, so outdoor foods can entice readers to take a second look. If you chose the watermelon theme, for instance, you could have a small message on the front that said something like, "Get a juicy deal at Marty's Quick and Pick." The back of the postcard could have more information about the business and a coupon to add value and motivate.

A theme that is all wetresources image

You're not limited to hot dogs and barbecues, either. Fun under the sun includes swimming pools, beaches, fireworks, boating, fishing, golfing and camping. Vacation themes inspire, while Fourth of July themes elicit pride. Your business can take advantage of all of these through creative postcard direct-mail campaigns.

Cool theme

Summer is fun, but it isn't always fun and games either. Depending on the nature of your business, you might be able to harness the fear factor to your advantage. Air conditioners and mosquito repellents are obvious symbols of relief and prevention, and themes like these can be used to promote anything from a mortgage brokerage firm with low rates (relief) to a health insurance company (prevention). No matter what summer theme you choose to eradicate those summertime marketing blues, make sure you have your postcards professionally printed for maximum influence. Ultra-thick 16-point gloss helps your best pictures pop off the postcard, while 13-point  recycled matte postcards have deep, rich hues and also help save the environment. You'll also need a well-defined mailing list comprised of your target audience to land a solid return on investment. Use the postcard pricing, printing and mailing tools at PsPrint to learn more about your options. Most people are distracted during the summer, but that doesn't mean that a well-run marketing campaign with a bit of thoughtful strategy can't be successful. Remember, there's no ice and snow so this is the easiest season for your customers to get out and buy! Postcards are perhaps the perfect marketing mediums because they're short, to the point, cost-effective and - most importantly - tend to return an excellent profit. Use the ]]>powerful postcard marketing tips]]> in this article to blast your business revenues sky-high this summer.