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Presentation Folder Printing Techniques

There are several considerations to take when printing presentation folders for impression and economy. Presentation folder printing is a science, and doing it right the first time will help you look great while saving time, headaches and money. Consider the following techniques before you send your next presentation folder to press:

Better paper means a better impression

resources imageIt's important to choose a rigid yet flexible paper stock for your presentation folders. Flimsy, easily torn paper stocks leave a bad impression of your company, while sturdy papers that resist wear and tear lend an air of stability to your organization. Opt for a professional 13-point or 14-point gloss presentation folder for universal appeal.

Choose a finish that works with your design

Your presentation folder finish should complement your design in a way that accentuates your organization's image. A bright multicolored presentation folder design has more character when finished with a glossy aqueous coating, while a more subdued design can achieve greater depth and professional appeal from a satin aqueous coating. Either way, an aqueous coating will protect your pocket folders and impart an attractive aesthetic sheen.

Consider your business cards

You can have slots to hold your business cards cut into the left, right or both inside presentation folder flaps, but make sure they match your business card orientation. A vertical business card with horizontal placement (or vise versa) would look decidedly unprofessional.

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Order in volume to save money

If you use a lot of presentation folders, you should order in volume to save on your price per folder. A good portion of your presentation folder printing cost is in offset press set up, so you can dramatically reduce your price per piece by ordering more. In many cases, you can quadruple the number of folders printed for less than a quarter of the total price, so it's a good idea to double-check your quantity options and corresponding pricing before going to press.

Get a hardcopy proof

The last thing you want to do is order 5,000 presentation folders and then find out - too late - that you have a typo or one of your colors is off. The best printing policy dictates that you order a hardcopy proof to ensure everything is in tip-top shape before you send the entire print run. Make sure you check your background bleeds, your content, your design element positioning, your colors and your business card slits so you can feel comfortable knowing your presentation folders look as great off the press as they do on your computer screen. You can achieve great results, both in imagery and value, with presentation folder printing by taking advantage of these printing techniques.