Print Play Date Cards

resources imagePlay date cards are all the rage as a way for kids to enhance their social skills through both structured and unstructured play while allowing parents to take a break while trading off each others' child care duties from time to time. Play dates have been around for years, but only recently have play date cards become a popular way to exchange contact information and facilitate the organization of play dates.

What are play date cards?

Play date cards are like personalized calling cards you can hand out to other parents. They include contact information such as your name and phone number, your children's ages and interests, your hobbies, and your phone number, and anything else you'd like to include.

Why do I need play date cards?

Play date cards make it easy to break the ice so you can set up play dates with your children and the children of other parents. Play dates help your children interact with other children in a less-structured setting than athletics and education, which in turn allows your children to learn to thrive in an unstructured environment. Play dates encourage natural interaction so that your children can function in a setting full of other children. Best of all, play dates give you some much-needed rest and relaxation and confidence that your kids are safe and having fun at another parent's home - unless it's your turn in the queue!

Who do I give my play date cards to?resources image

You can give your play date cards to anyone who has children in the same age groups as yours. You'll meet them at sports practices, scouting camps, school functions, church activities, the grocery store and any number of other connections. Once you exchange play date cards, all you have to do is pick up the phone and set up a time for your next play date.

Where do I get play date cards?

You can order play date cards from PsPrint, an online printer that helps you create custom play date cards you'll be proud to give to other parents. Start by downloading a free template to open in your preferred photo editing program. These templates come pre-formatted in the proper resolution, size and color mode so it's easy to print play date cards without worrying that they won't turn out right. Design your play date cards any way you'd like - your own photos, fonts, text, contact information and anything else you'd like to include. Play date cards look fantastic when they're printed on ultra-thick 16-point gloss or 13-point matte paper stock (the latter being eco-friendly recycled paper). You can check prices using PsPrint's instant price widget - don't forget to look into having your play date cards die cut for supreme personalization. Play date cards are affordable and far better than asking someone to write down your name and number or waiting for them to tediously enter it into their cell phones while you're waiting to get somewhere with your children. Hand out play date cards so you can get your kids together on your own time - and salvage some time for yourself while you're at it.