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Print Save-the-Date Magnets

Save-the-Date Magnets

Looking for a fun and unique way to send save-the-date reminders for your wedding, shower, graduation, baptism, retirement party, anniversary or other special celebration? You can send truly unique save-the-date reminders by employing magnets! Think about it: where do many people keep important information? On their refrigerators. So if you don't want your guests to overlook your special day, you'll be in good shape to send out save-the-date magnets so all they have to do is open the envelope and pop your magnet on the fridge or freezer door. They'll see your save-the-date reminder every time they go to the fridge í¢ € “ several times a day í¢ € “ so they're sure to remember your special event. When you print magnets as save-the date-reminders, keep in mind the following tips:

Start with a template

This is often overlooked, even by pro designers, as a great way to get your save-the-date reminder designs started. You can download free layout templates that work with nearly any graphic editing program. Such templates do not have pre-made designs; instead, they include helpful guidelines so you know where to place your text and images so they're properly positioned to be printed. What's more, each free save-the-date reminder magnet template is already correctly formatted in the proper color mode, size and resolution í¢ € “ so all you have to do is open, type and import an image or two if you'd like, and you're ready to go to press.

Bigger might be better

Save-the-date reminders are meant to remind guests of your special event, after all, and it behooves you to print large magnets that command attention. This is especially true if your save-the-date reminder magnets will have a photo of you on it í¢ € “ the bigger it is, the easier it will be to appreciate the sentiment. Opt for a postcard-size save-the-date reminder magnet instead of a business card or square if you want to be larger than life í¢ € “ just like your special event is!

Get a proof

Electronic or hardcopy, make sure you get a proof for your save-the-date reminder magnets before you send them to press so you can double-check for typos and other errors. You might want to consider having your printing company mail your save-the-date reminder magnets out to your guests for you as well, especially if your event is expected to have hundreds of guests. This can save you time in money because you won't have to stuff or address envelopes, or make a trip to the post office to mail everything out.

Have fun with it

It's really not difficult at all to print your own custom save-the-date reminder magnets, so play around with your design ideas and have fun with it. If you get stuck along the way, simply contact your printing company. Customer-friendly companies such as PsPrint are always happy to help!