Print Your Own Magnets

Design Your Own Magnets

Do you like to share photos and announcements with family and friends?  If so, you might be looking for a unique, memorable and engaging way to share your favorite memories. Magnets are the perfect solution, because it is quick, easy and affordable to print your own magnets. All you need is a design and a little education, provided in the paragraphs below, to print your own magnets that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come.

Start with your design

First things first – you need a design in order to print your own magnets. Your design, naturally, is contingent on your magnet's subject. You might print your own magnets with photos of children or other family members; or, you might print your magnets as announcements that can be stuck on refrigerators for weddings, showers, parties, anniversaries, engagements, save-the-date reminders, and other special events and celebrations. To start, all you need is a photo and to download a free magnet layout template, which comes complete with helpful guidelines so you can position your design correctly, and pre-formatted in the correct resolution, size and color mode. Then, you can add in any text, symbols, borders, shapes, patterns and any other graphic elements or effects you'd like.

Choose a size

Depending on your preference, you can print magnets in a business card size, a two-inch by two-inch square size or a postcard size. You'll do this when you download your template to craft your design, and your magnet size really depends on how much room you want your magnet to take. It should go without saying that a large postcard-size template will bring out photo details well and is especially good for reminding friends and family about upcoming events. That doesn't mean you can't print a smaller magnet, however; a business card-size magnet is the norm; and a square magnet fits well just about anywhere, no matter how cluttered some refrigerators can become.

To gloss or not to gloss?

You can have your magnets coated with an ultra-durable glossy UV coating during the finishing process, which will make them last longer and lend a bright boisterous sheen that will help your photos stand out whether your magnets are stuck to fridges, filing cabinets or anywhere else. Choosing this option is a great way to make your magnets more attractive.

Get a proof

No matter how you design your magnets, you should always double check an electronic proof for typos and positioning/layout errors before you approve your artwork for the full print run. This simple practice can save time and money, and allow you to rest easy with confidence that your finished magnets will look just as great off the press as they do on your computer screen.

Going green with magnets

If you like to print eco-friendly materials or otherwise live a green lifestyle, you can have your magnets with eco-friendly soy-based inks. Soy inks are preferred instead of traditional petroleum inks because they do not release high volumes of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere during the drying process, and they produce more vibrant colors. Thus, you get a better-looking magnet that helps the environment without spending any additional money.