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Four Tips for Printable Hang Tags

resources imagePrintable hang tags are perfect for branding your company's products and motivating customers to make purchases at retail stores. In many cases, printable hang tags are the deciding factor between purchasing one product instead of another. This is especially true for clothing, where the same design could be marketed as a different fashion statement for different types of customers with the addition of a simple hang tag. Try the following four tips for printable hang tags to boost your revenue this year.

1. Design to sell

Most hang tags have at least one of three purposes: to attract attention, to promote an image and to highlight features and benefits. In a rack of similar apparel, a single black shirt could have trouble standing out from other black shirts - unless it has a brightly colored hang tag. A designer jacket can't tell customers that it was made for the free-thinker if it doesn't depict that image on its hang tag. A ski jacket can't tell customers that it has a special liner that has twice the insulation properties of other jackets yet takes up less than half the space - unless it's hang tag visually and textually represents it. If you can incorporate all of these elements into your hang tag design, you will be primed for sales.

2. Print on premium paper stock

No one wants to project an image of being cheap - discounted prices, maybe, but never cheaply made products. It might seem surprising that the quality of your paper stock has a lot to do with how the quality of your company's products is perceived, yet that is exactly the case. Avoid printable hang tags printed on flimsy paper stock if you want to avoid being labeled as a flimsy company. Instead, opt for a thick 16-point cover gloss premium paper stock with glossy sheen on both sides.

3. Try a horizontal layout

resources imageWhen it comes to printable hang tags, vertical layouts are the norm. And the norm is boring. If you want a neat device that quickly catches customers' eyes, experiment with a horizontal layout for your hang tags. Remember that if you can't capture attention, you can't make the sale, so never hesitate from trying out creative ideas that require such a minimal investment. You might just find that it boosts your return exponentially.

4. Choose custom finishing options

Instead of the standard 3/16-inch hang tag hole, why not get a custom size (extra large, anyone?) that helps attract attention to your product? You can use a non-standard hang tag hole size to thread non-standard ties, such as pieces of hemp or rope, to your products for a more authentic appeal. If you have a lot of information to convey with your hang tag, consider separating it into panels with a scored folding line, which turns your hang tags into mini-brochures. You can also boost sales by having your hang tag perforated for a tear-off point-of-sale coupon or other incentive. Try partnering with another company so that your hang tags reveal coupons for each other's shops when a certain purchase is made at one.