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Most small business owners try to cut costs wherever they can to make their businesses profitable. Marketing is a necessary part of the budget of any small business. Marketing brings in new customers and gets people talking about a business. This page will provide information on the best products people can use to market their business. ]]>Tips for Handling Business Cards]]> Learn about the information that should be included on a business card as well as some basic etiquette related to handing out business cards. ]]>All About Brochures]]> Information from the Community Tool Box about the general contents of a brochure, the purpose of a brochure and more. ]]>The Success of Door Hanger Distribution]]> Read about a door hanger campaign that resulted in a decrease in crime in a particular area. ]]>General Guidelines for Flyers and Stickers]]> Check out some information regarding what should be included on a flyer as well as suggestions for where to place flyers for general consumption. ]]>Tips for Small Business Success]]> Study an explanation of how to make a small business successful that includes a section on advertising and signs. ]]>Ideas for Creating a Flyer]]> Discover elements that can contribute to a successful flyer. ]]>Small Business Advertising]]> Find detailed descriptions of business cards, flyers, brochures and more. Learn how to determine what advertising methods to use for a small business. ]]>Information on Advertising]]> Look at some information on advertising and marketing. ]]>Refrigerator Magnets]]> Read a selection of information on the uses and features of refrigerator magnets. ]]>Examples of Advertising an Organization's Event]]> Study a list of advertising methods used by a club to promote an important event. ]]>Marketing and Promotion Ideas]]> Find an explanation on the importance of marketing a small business as well as some examples of promotional tools such as brochures, flyers and calendars. ]]>Promotional Products]]> Learn about the benefits of having promotional products. ]]>Promotional Budgets]]> Study some information on businesses and their promotion budgets. ]]>Table Tents Are Effective Advertising]]> Discover how these simple marketing tools were used in a successful way to advertise an event at a university. ]]>Business Letter Format]]> Along with having a letterhead that includes a logo, a small business owner must know how to format a business letter in a professional way. ]]>Advertising and Small Business Owners]]> Learn about the basics of advertising for a small business owner. ]]>General Tips for Small Businesses]]> Click on a topic and research some tips for small businesses. ]]>The Basics of Advertising]]> Find out about the importance of advertising for a small business. ]]>Small Business Success]]> Read some valuable tips for experiencing success in small business.