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Promote Your Customers in Catalogs and Postcards

resources imageHave you ever considered promoting your customers in catalogs and postcard mailers? If not, you should. It's a great way to build customer relationships, loyalty and earn more customers. Everybody likes to see their names and pictures published, and every business appreciates free advertising. Catalogs and postcard mailers provide perfect opportunities to market your company and show customer appreciation.

Picture perfect

There are several ways to showcase your customers in your catalogs and postcard mailers. A retail pet supply company might include photos of their customers with their pets; while a B2B supplier might showcase their customers' businesses. The benefits are twofold: You not only build customer relationships, your customers will in effect sell for you. If you were featured in a catalog or on a postcard mailer, you would show your family and friends, right? So will your customers, whose friends and family will also see you (and get a de facto testimonial — if someone they trust does business with you, so can they).

Helpful suggestions

resources image

So, how should you promote your customers? Here are a few ideas:

Showcase their businesses: Help your customers tell the world what they do. 

Highlight their personalities: Depict your customers enjoying hobbies and other passions, especially if they're relevant to your contributions. This doesn't have to be direct: A business consulting firm might show a client enjoying time with his family (because they have more free time with their new productivity tools, for example). 

Case studies: You can detail how your company has helped your customers achieve their goals

Testimonials: Any time you incorporate a testimonial into your catalog and postcard mailers, you should include names, credentials and contact information for the people giving your testimonials. This not only promotes your customers, it lends credibility to your message

Joint campaigns: This is a twist on customer promotion and is an option for small B2B companies. Try contacting one of your best customers to see if they would like to send a promotional postcard mailer with you. You can work out an offer that benefits both companies — perhaps a receipt from one business gets a 10 percent discount at the other. You both get exposure at half the cost. You don't have to spend extra money to promote your customers in your catalogs and postcard mailers. Simply add three or four customer blocks in the page corners of your catalogs, or promote your customers on the back side of your postcards. Take advantage of online offers from online printing companies such as PsPrint to keep costs low and maximize your return on investment. Promoting your customers in your catalogs and postcard mailers extends your potential sales network and tells your customers you value their business. If you're willing to scratch your customers' backs, they'll be more willing to scratch yours when it comes to referrals.