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Promote Your Brand, Products, and Services with Perfect Bind Booklets

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Perfect bind booklets are powerful marketing tools that can help you promote your brand, products, and services. In fact, they’re among the most compelling marketing tools available: they command attention, foster trust and customer relationships, and motivate follow-up purchases. The following details what perfect bind booklets are and how you can take advantage of them to promote your brand, products, and services.

What are perfect bind booklets?

Like standard booklets, perfect bind booklets are multi-page marketing tools that can deliver a lot of information in an attractive, easy-to-read format. Perfect bind booklets differ from standard booklets in their binding, or how they’re bound. Standard booklet pages are bound together with staples (called saddle stitching) or wire-O spirals, both of which require holes be placed in your booklet. Perfect bind booklets use a special adhesive that binds your interior pages to the inside of your cover and forms a smooth, hole-less spine.

The result is a professional-looking finish just like those featured by your favorite upscale magazines and books.

Why should you choose perfect bind booklets?

Perfect bind booklets offer several benefits to help you promote your brand, products, and services, including:

  • Professional binding lends a sense of quality to your brand image
  • Thick, full-color cover stocks in both gloss and matte finishes help you get noticed
  • Full-color interior page stocks showcase your products and services in style
  • Two different sizes (standard and half size) and your choice of page counts from 40 to 96 (in increments of four) let you dictate your booklet size and price

Printing perfect bind booklets gives you the professional edge you need to stand out against a sea of competitors, get customer attention, and motivate response.

Perfect bind booklet marketing ideas

We’ve covered how perfect bind booklet printing gives your company a professional, high-quality appearance; now, let’s take a look at some booklet marketing ideas you can consider for your business.

  • How-to booklets: Become a trusted resource for your customer by solving their problems or enhancing their lives with informative how-to booklets, which foster long-term custom relationships and establish brand authority.
  • Product spotlights: Show customers all the great features and benefits of a single product or product line, along with accessories, cross-sells, and upsells.
  • Service showcases: Write compelling copy and back up your facts with charts and graphs that demonstrate how your service is better than the competition.
  • Catalogs: Turn your booklets into catalogs and send them to targeted mailing lists via direct-mail to motivate purchases. Great for attracting new customers and earning repeat sales from existing customers alike.
  • Magazines: Create periodical magazines to send to your customers, which can increase your brand authority, recognition, and credibility. This is a great way to stay top-of-mind, so when customers want what you sell they’ll think of your brand first.

If you want to promote your brand, products, and services in a powerful way that shows your customers why you’re the best choice for high-quality work, perfect bind booklets are perfect marketing tools. Print perfect bind booklets today.