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Public Relations Marketing: Ideas and Resources

resources imageThis article is the final article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your public relations agency and make it a success. Try these creative public relations agency marketing ideas and resources to boost your visibility and profitability this year:

Creative ideas

Host an event - Live performances are a great way to bring potential clients together - especially if the performances are by current clients. When you're hosting events for current clients, make sure you speak to the media to get the word out. Think about NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus and how his name is consistently mentioned during contract negotiations - he is a shining example of how a third party can brand oneself without detracting from his clients' success.

Be always visible - Some PR firms believe that you should always work behind the scenes; but if you distribute posters, flyers, billboards and other materials you'll greatly increase new business.

Get endorsements

Celebrities and high-profile business clients can enhance visibility and acceptance, especially if you represent them. Take opportunities to have your clients espouse the virtues of working with you in your own advertisements.



resources image

Here are a few links to public relations agency marketing resources you can use to bolster business. PsPrint - Full-service printing, direct mailing and mailing list generation. ]]>Public Relations Society of America ]]> - A network of PR professionals, educational resources and other tools you can use to market your business and hone your craft for success. ]]>International Public Relations Association]]> - Similar to the SRSA, but on an international level.

State Public Relations Associations - Many states have their own public relations associations with tools and resources that you can take advantage of. Run an online search for your state's associations to see what is available to you.