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Custom Design Is Better Than Rack Card Templates

resources imageWhether your business relies on rack card marketing or is venturing into a new arena to see what rack cards can do for your bottom line, you undoubtedly need a rack card design. You basically have two options for rack card design: rack card templates or custom design. Some business people believe that rack card templates are better, but most professional graphic designers agree that custom design is better - and not just because they make money from it. Here's why custom design is better than rack card templates.

Rack card templates are bland

Run a search for rack card templates and you'll literally turn up hundreds of results. The problem is that most of the designs are bland, intended to cover either a wide variety of industries or all businesses from one industry. There's nothing about them that sets your business apart from the competition, so it's difficult for you to capture attention on the rack card stand. Rack cards are very specialized marketing pieces that have to tell your customers how unique and original your business is very quickly. Template rack card designs, by and large, are unable to capture that sense of originality for your business because they themselves are not unique.

Custom rack card design is affordable

resources imageYou can get free rack card templates, but they're typically bland. Paid rack card templates have more pop but are still unoriginal. A custom rack card design, however, can make your business sizzle on the stand. The only thing is, the uninitiated sometimes regard custom graphic design as an expensive service, but you can have your rack cards designed on the cheap. Rack card design should not be considered an expense, but rather an investment. If a free rack card template design can net you 100 customers, but a custom rack card design nets 200 customers a month, could you justify hiring a graphic designer for your rack cards? Of course you could! You don't necessarily have to pay for big-dollar designers, either. New design school graduates are always looking to build their portfolios and might offer you a great rate for design. You might even be able to get great-looking rack card design for about the cost of a purchased rack card template!

Not all rack card templates are bad

There is one rack card template that you should use, though it doesn't have the hint of design on it at all. It's called a rack card layout template, and it provides clear guidelines for your designer so that he or she can match your custom design to your printing company's specifications. This helps ensure that your design will come off the press crisp, sharp and ready to send your profits through the roof - and it also reduces the potential for delays and over-budget corrections. You can download free rack card templates for layout at PsPrint.