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Rack Card Printing: Sales From the Countertop

Rack card printing is a mainstay in the hospitality and tourism industry, because it's a powerful way to reach highly targeted customers with disposable income. But rack cards aren't just for tourists - they're also a great way to market to business customers and impulse-buy consumers who are interested in your products or services. Here's how to use rack card printing to make sales from the counter top.

Ways to use rack card printing for profit

resources imageRack card printing is obviously a force when it comes to hospitality and tourism marketing. Any time you go to a tourist attraction, convention and visitor's bureau, welcome center or rest stop you'll find dozens or even hundreds of rack cards marketing area hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, comedy clubs, water parks, and other venues, events and attractions. The reason rack cards are so popular in this industry is because the market is well-targeted: If customers are at a welcome center, they're seeking places to stay, places to eat and things to do. But tourism and hospitality aren't the only places rack cards are useful. In fact, just about any business can find a way to position rack card printing to its advantage. Consider a company that makes personalized dog tags. Such a company could easily place rack cards on counters at pet supply stores, dog groomers, dog breeders, kennels and other dog-related businesses. A masseuse that offers 15-minute lunchtime chair massages might distribute rack cards to gas stations, restaurants and even doctors' offices - all places many stressed business people visit during their lunch breaks. With a bit of brainstorming and ingenuity, you can find a targeted audience for your rack cards at a relevant, yet non-competing, business.

Rack card sales strategy

resources imageAs with any other marketing medium, you must exercise proven sales strategies with your rack cards. Beyond your product or service, you'll need to distribute your rack cards to a well-targeted audience; you have to develop a great time-limited offer; you have to espouse the benefits of your features; and you have to provide an easy way for customers to respond to your offer. Your response mechanism might be as simple as logging on to a website or calling a phone number, or it might be dropping in to a brick and mortar with the rack card serving as a coupon. Think like your customers think, and you'll make sales from your rack cards. Remember that your presentation is key, so compelling copy and dazzling design should be a part of your rack card sales strategy. Quality rack card printing is likewise important. If your rack cards look sharp, your company looks sharp; but if your rack cards look shoddy ... well, you get the picture. Best of all, quality rack cards are cheap to print and even cheaper to distribute. Use PsPrint's instant rack card price quote tool to compare pricing options (you can print rack cards for as little as about 12 cents each depending on your chosen quantity) and develop a distribution strategy. Some complementary business owners might let your place your rack cards on their counters for free, while others might charge a fee or commission. Evaluate the quality of their customers in relation to yours, and determine what you're willing to pay to get in front of them. If your audiences are aligned, you're well positioned for rack card sales success!