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Radius Mail Postcard Marketing

Radius marketing is a valuable tool for any business to employ when launching a postcard mailing campaign. The concept is simple: Take the address of an existing customer, add it to a mailing list, then find and include the addresses of every house within a specified area, or radius, around the original address. In other words, when a postcard mailer is delivered to the home of a current client, it is a good business practice to also send postcards to every home in the same neighborhood. This is because those who live in the same neighborhood often exhibit the same demographics, and make for prime prospects for your direct-mail postcard marketing campaign. The radius marketing technique is often utilized in the real estate industry, since realtors routinely advertise a successful sale to neighbors who live near the target house. The following is a brief overview of the benefits of radius mail postcard marketing:

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A targeted geographic area

The main benefit of radius mail marketing is that you reach the homes of potential customers within a specific, targeted geographic area; in particular, an area in which you already have a confirmed and established customer. People living in the same areas tend to have the same basic needs, which provides an ideal opportunity for your business to promote the services and products it has to offer that will address those needs. This is one of the quickest ways to define a target audience and boost your response rates — and ultimately your sales.

Word of mouth

A secondary benefit of radius mail postcard marketing is that it encourages your message to be spread by word of mouth — the best advertising on Earth. People in the same neighborhoods and the same communities talk to each other, and when many individuals in a close radius receive your postcard mailer, your company's products and services are likely to come up in conversations. Even better, you have an established customer in the neighborhood that is likely to vouch for your quality, expertise and customer service — in essence, you have a free salesperson at work! People are much more apt to make a purchase based on the advice of a trusted neighbor, so radius marketing is an excellent way to increase the likelihood that your company's reputation will be validated throughout an entire neighborhood.

Personalize your message

When targeting a specific neighborhood, you have the opportunity to intensify the level of personalization. Is there a favorite park, activity, sports team or other neighborhood feature you can incorporate into your postcard design or copy? Demonstrating that you know your prospects, their lifestyles and their fears, hopes and dreams can go a long way toward earning credibility and trust — just what you need to increase your response rates and turn a huge profit from your radius direct-mail postcard campaigns. resources imageRadius mail marketing is one of the most effective methods you can practice when trying to attract new customers. The benefits are threefold — demographics, potential word-of-mouth and the ability to personalize your message — which provides you with several opportunities to convince potential customers that you understand their problems and that you have what they need to solve them.