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Recycled Paper Makes For Elegant Printing

You don't have to sacrifice quality to get the eco-friendly benefits of printing on recycled paper when you choose a green printing company that offers premium green printing products and processes. Let's take a look at a few of these processes to see how they have a positive affect on your green efforts, your bottom line and your production quality.

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Elegant recycled paper for green printing

When you think of recycled paper, do you have visions of grayish, pulpy, bumpy and thin scrolls that exude a decidedly unprofessional image? That might have been the stereotype of recycled papers past, but today's recycled paper is soft, smooth and elegant. In fact, if you didn't know it was recycled when you ordered it chances are you wouldn't ever know. Opt for a premium 13-point recycled or 80-pound recycled paper stock for a rich, deep sheen that adds punch to your designs.

Vibrant, light, and bright soy inks for eco-friendly application

Recycled paper has come a long way and so have soy inks, innovation's answer to atmosphere-polluting petroleum-based inks. For decades petroleum inks have released volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, during the drying process. VOCs are hazardous to the environment, but soy inks release a slight fraction of these into the atmosphere in comparison to their petroleum-based cousins. Moreover, soy inks actually appear brighter and more vibrant on paper, so you're really getting a better quality ink when you choose soy instead of petroleum. Best of all, soy inks cover in lighter coats than petroleum inks, so you actually get more spread for your buck and release even fewer VOCs into the atmosphere.

Print companies that recycle do their part, too

resources imageRecycled paper and soy ink are only two reasons why you should switch to a green printing company. Eco-friendly printing companies practice what they preach, and they recycle materials themselves. Unused paper, cuts from the press and other recyclables are collected by responsible companies for recycling. You should double-check that yours does, too, if you want to be a true green company and make sure your supply and distribution chains share your eco-friendly philosophy. Eco-friendly is all about saving the environment, but doing so in an economical fashion. There is no need to spend more of your budget on green printing techniques since recycled paper, soy ink and checking up on your printing company really cost little to no more than traditional processes. In fact, many green printing practices save you money - such as mailing directly from your printer instead of paying a middle man to package, ship and handle your marketing materials to you first - and result in higher-quality, premium printed products. But that only makes sense: after all, what could be more pure than nature's own?