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Sales Data Sheet Marketing Strategies

Sales data sheet marketing works in nearly all environments. They tell your audience what an individual product or service is, and how it will help them in a clean, concise format. The success of your sales data sheet marketing strategy hinges on the strength of two main elements: presentation and distribution. Presentation is comprised of your sales data sheet design, copy and printing; distribution is how and where you get your sales data sheets in the hands of your prospects. The following breaks down each of these components to help you implement sound sales data sheet marketing strategies:


Your design should be simple yet poignant, so that your sales data sheet displays your product or service accurately and efficiently. Use graphic features to funnel your audience to the most important information first. Large images and visual enhancers such as charts and graphs should be included when possible.


resources imageAgain, simplicity is key. You shouldn't need more than a paragraph or two to give an overview of your product/service and the philosophy behind it. Understand your audience and speak to the needs and desires of that audience. Highlight your features and benefits - not just what your product or service does, but specifically how it will solve a problem or otherwise make life easier for your prospects. This is where copy and design must meld to form a cohesive piece. Graphic elements such as bullet points, pull-quotes, arrows, boxes and other shapes draw attention to and highlight your key selling points. All sales data sheets include an offer by virtue of promoting a product or service, but some go above and beyond by adding enticing incentives such as coupons, membership cards, save-the-date reminders and more (if you include these, perforate your sales data sheets for easy tear-offs). Your call to action is the next step your audience needs to take to learn more and make a purchase. Your sales data sheet shouldn't read like an overt sales pitch, but you must tell your prospects how you're going to help them. If your product or service has a lot of specifications, you should consider placing these on the back side of your sales data sheet so the front side maintains a clean and compelling appeal.


High-quality sales data sheet printing is integral to a high-quality product/service image. Print your sales data sheets on professional grade paper with state-of-the-art printing presses for a superior presentation.


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Sales data sheets are not flyers, but they have just as many applications. You can and should distribute sales data sheets as take-aways and leave-behinds at trade shows, conferences, seminars, presentations, sales calls, sales folders and mail-out promotions. Make a folder of sales data sheets for quick on-the-fly hand-outs. The more you distribute your sales data sheets, the more opportunities you have to land sales. Sales data sheets are the refined cousin of brochures and flyers. They're often more sophisticated and carry an air of expertise that says, "We know what we are doing, and this is what you need." For many companies, they're an indispensable weapon in the marketing arsenal. Implement these sales data sheet marketing strategies to boost your return on investment for your next campaign.