School Marketing: Ideas and Resources

resources imageThis article is the final article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your school or university. Try these creative school marketing ideas and resources to boost your marketing efforts this year:

Creative ideas

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Publicity stunts - Host a student-led publicity stunt to get free PR. Every week there are headlines about the latest or traditional college crazes, and most are actually quite tasteful yet newsworthy. Encourage your students to be active to foster creative ideas that put your school on the map.

Allow public access - If you have athletic facilities, a library or a media center, you can hold public hours so that your local audience becomes more familiar with your campus and more likely to want to attend.

Challenge other schools - Host competitions and events between schools, if you're not already doing so. Everyone has a basketball and debate team, so get creative here - how about a treasure hunt  with a big prize?

Be always visible - Make sure you have posters, flyers, banners and other materials placed in high-traffic areas so you can brand yourself 24 hours a day. Ever notice how a celebrity's power seems to increase when they're always on display? Same goes here.

Get endorsements - Most schools have famous alumni. Call on yours to help you market.


Here are a few links to school marketing resources you can use to bolster business. PsPrint - Full-service printing, direct mailing and mailing list generation. Your school's marketing department or association - Every school has a marketing department, most have marketing classes and professionals, and many even have their own marketing associations. Check to see what your school has so you can freely use their resources.