School Marketing: What Do You Need?

resources imageThis is the second article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your school or university. Depending on your education niche, your competition and your geographic location there are a variety of devices you can use to market your school or university. The following are common school marketing materials.

Must-have school marketing materials

Business cards - All school professionals should have a solid stack of business cards to distribute to their networks and contacts.

Brochures - Brochures are a staple marketing material, expected not only for your school but also each special program you offer.

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Postcards - Direct-mail postcards are perhaps the best way to get your message in front of a highly targeted audience in the most cost-effective manner, which makes them perfect for multiple annual mailings.

Booklets - Schools can distribute booklets for course/class schedules, as multi-page brochures and as apparel catalogs.

Banners - Banners are useful for not only promoting your school, but also for directing pedestrian traffic on large campuses.

Posters - Posters are perfect for schools with a local focus and a bit of competition. Use posters to motivate students to recognize your school as the perfect school for their attitude. Or, for more specialized schools, deploy posters at career days and other events to generate interest and brand not only to students but also professionals so they recognize the great contributions your students make to your field. This will have an incredibly valuable word-of-mouth trickle down effect your competitors won't be able to match.

Flyers - Flyers are like mini-posters that can be distributed or inserted anywhere - from magazines and newspapers to bulletin boards and restroom stall walls. Choose accordingly.

Information package - All schools and universities need a comprehensive information kit to send to prospective students and high schools, complete with a brochure, business card, relevant flyers, course offering booklet, and other materials neatly filed in a branded pocket folder.

Calendars - Calendars that depict images of your campus in action are a great way to put your school front and center 365 days a year.

Website - Today's students are definitely tech savvy, so you need to have a website to compete and make sure your URL is on all of your print marketing materials.