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Small Business Postcard Templates That Sell

Postcard templates are quick and easy ways to get your message in front of a highly targeted audience that is likely to buy your products and services. With postcard templates, you can quickly create a stellar design that's primed for sales; what's more, you can craft a unique branded layout and design so your customers know who is sending the postcard the second it arrives in the mail. Here's how to create small business postcard templates that sell.

Postcard template layout

resources imageYour first priority is to create a postcard template that will easily transfer from screen to press to paper. Start with a free postcard layout template from PsPrint, which includes bleed lines so you know how far to extend background colors to reach the edge of the printed piece; cutlines so you know where the postcard will be sliced after printing; and safe area lines so you can be confident that your postcard design is properly positioned. In addition, these free templates are prefabricated in the correct color modes, sizes and resolution for professional printing.

Postcard template colors

If you're seeking to brand your company, your postcard colors should be consistent. This doesn't mean that every postcard has to look exactly the same - not at all. But it does mean that you should employ certain static elements on every postcard. Your logo would be one example, a background color or bottom border color would be another, or even a series of same-colored icons each and every mailing is all you need to accomplish this. Once you have your postcard layout template, you can set to work creating a library of such colors and elements for quick and easy retrieval on subsequent postcard designs.

Postcard template copy

resources imageAnother way to brand your company and elicit direct sales is through powerful copy: Your tagline, pitch style and even typeface presentation are staples that can be used on every mailing. Come up with several text layout variations that capitalize on your headline, features and benefits, offer, and call to action so you can quickly design and send test postcards to small subsets of your mailing list to determine which brings the highest return on investment for each campaign. Then, you can confidently send the winning design to your entire mailing list and enjoy a predictable and profitable return on investment. Keep all variations on-hand in your template's library to test future campaigns.

Postcard template artwork

Product images, photos of endorsing celebrities, customer photos, theme-oriented images and graphics, branded logos, bullet points, and other artwork should likewise be kept in your template's design library for easy retrieval. Repetition is key to direct-mail success, and the more recognizable your postcards are, the more you increase your potential for success. That's why it's OK to re-use images in several postcard mailings; and if you know you'll have a certain celebrity endorsement or other images for several campaigns it's a good idea to collect many photos during one shoot instead of calling a new shoot every time you need a new photo. Postcard templates save money and time (and time is money). Couple this with compelling postcard design, and you're on the right track for quick and easy postcards that sell.