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Sell More with Business Labels

Many a seasoned marketer knows that often even the slightest nuances adeptly apply the accent needed to turn a prospect into a customer. Small things such as logo colors, a bend here or sharp angle there, a thumbnail image, and others make impressions on prospects and can work to build the confidence needed to purchase from you. Business labels are a perfect example of this. Small yet powerful, business labels add a classy professional touch to your marketing and communication materials and lend a sense of stability and trustworthiness to your company. Here's how to sell more with business labels:

Brand itresources image

Your business label should brand your company and solidify your message, no matter where you use it. Your business label design must include your company logo, tagline, fonts and colors to be an effective branding tool. Create one label for large applications and another for medium and small applications. You might also want to include your address and phone number on your small label so it can be used on an unlimited number of communication materials.

Label everything

Affix your label to everything from product packages, purchase orders, invoices, envelopes, letterhead, corporate identity packages, folders and more. You want not only your customers and prospects to see your company label come through the door, but you want friends, family members and co-workers to see you as well. Visibility and repetition build brands, and this is where labels excel. You can make your calendar fun and interactive by printing stickers to distribute with it. Each sticker could represent holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events so your customers can mark off their favorite dates. You could even turn your calendar into a puzzle, treasure map or a stick-on scene to entice your customers to interact with your calendar (and thus your company).

Turn them into coupons

resources imageYou can also turn your labels into coupons, as many marketers do in direct direct-mail packages. This technique engages the reader by giving him or her a task: Take the label from here and place it on the order form to get a free or discounted item or service. Coupon labels aren't limited to direct-mail marketing packages and sales letters, either. You can create complete coupon books or simply affix your coupons to your marketing and communication materials. For product packages, turn your labels into advertisements for entering a special URL or promo code on your website to receive a special offer.

Boost employee morale

If you have employees, you know that staff members often take pride in working for a strong brand. To keep morale blooming, create branded labels for in-office usage such as for filing folders and other organizational tasks. Place a product label on every desk, computer and drinking fountain for a well-rounded in-office branding campaign. Labels have many uses and can be twice as effective when used in creative, unexpected applications. Brainstorm ways you can use labels to brand and directly market your company, and you're on the right path for a business boost from one of the smallest tools in your sales arsenal: The business label.