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Send Greeting Cards to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Send Greeting Cards to Build a Loyal Customer Base

Greeting cards are often employed as holiday marketing tools; but they can be used for so much more. The personal touch of a greeting card makes it an ideal medium for connecting with your customers on an emotional level - and customers tend to purchase on emotion and justify with logic. Greeting cards are also part of a valid business strategy for boosting customer loyalty.

Advantages of greeting cards

By sending greeting cards, you are keeping your company's name and business at the forefront of the recipient's mind. Personalized greeting cards create a memorable impression of your business. Many companies relentlessly send other marketing materials such as postcards, brochures and booklets (which are all effective), so greeting cards represent a change of pace. Personalized custom greeting cards are also cost effective, especially when printed in volume, and can yield a high return on investment throughout time. Of course, the design of your greeting cards is as important as the message contained within. Greeting cards are often displayed on desks and bulletin boards in workplaces, as well as in private homes. For this reason, it is important to design a visually appealing greeting card. You don't want to be remembered for an ugly design or something that looks like it was put together quickly or cheaply. Print your greeting cards on 13-point matte paper stock or ultra-thick 16-point gloss paper stock for the most professional look.

Personalizing corporate greeting cards

To increase customer loyalty, your greeting cards should be adapted so that they are personal to the recipient. Custom greeting cards with personal messages lend the impression that you care about your customers. By including names in the message, readers tend to pay more attention to the message you are sending. Try having the outside of your greeting cards printed, but include a handwritten message on the inside right fold. Specific messages about events such as birthdays or anniversaries have more weight than off-the-shelf greeting cards. Most people are impressed and pleasantly surprised by the apparent thought and effort that personalizing corporate greeting cards takes. If your greeting cards are memorable enough, they will enhance customer loyalty. Greeting cards offer a direct way to build relationships with your customers. Customers who feel that you have a vested interest in them and their lives are more likely to become loyal to your brand. They are also more likely to pass their sentiments on to family and friends. With a supportive customer base in the community, your business will be regarded as an integral player and not just another shop or office, which will in turn lead to additional business opportunities and increased profit.